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LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy) is represented by classic EKG findings, namely that the sum of V1Q and V5R > 35 mm (ie: a very deep Q wave in V1 and a very tall R wave in V5). Further, you will expect to find left axis deviation as represented by tall R waves in both lead II and aVL. LVH is one of many conditions (including bundle branch blocks) that can also have repolarization abnormalities. Simply put, a repolarization abnormality is shown on EKG with a T wave going the opposite direction as the main direction of the QRS. Recall, normally these will be in the same direction despite the fact that the QRS is ventricular depolarization and the T wave is ventricular repolarization, because they occur in opposite directions.

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Q: Is Lvh with repolarization abnormality dangerous?
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What does a long QT interval on ECG mean?

It is a lengthening of the amount of time between depolarization of the ventricles of the heart, and the repolarization of the ventricles of the heart. The significance of this lies in the fact that the Q-T interval is a vulnerable time for the heart. Stimulation of the heart muscle during the relative refractory period (which is during the latter part of the Q-T interval) will cause a premature ventricular contraction, which may throw your heart into a dangerous dysrhythmia.

Repolarization of a ventricular cardiocyte taks longer then repolarization of a typical neuron?


What is the portion of the ECG that indicates ventricular repolarization?

The wave indicating atrial repolarization wave is hidden by the QRS complex. Ventricular repolarization is indicated by the T wave.

Atrial repolarization coincides in time with?

Atrial repolarization coincides with the QRS complex on the ECG. The T-wave corresponds to Ventricular repolarization. 'with tHE t-wave' <-- WRONG

What does the medical abbreviation LVH mean?

Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

What is atrial repolarization indicated by?

The atrial repolarization occurs during the QRS complex of the ECG but is obscured by the ventricle depolarization.

What does precordial repolarization disturbance mean?

Precordial repolarization disturbance is a heart condition that can be determined though an EKG. Precordial has to do with the area above your heart and repolarization has to do with the heart muscle preparing itself for it's next beat.

What does the t wave represent on an ecg?

It represents the repolorization of the ventricles. The ventricles must reset electrically after contracting. In a normal Sinus Rhythm the p wave comes first. Then the QRS complex which is the largest part of the heartbeat will come less than .2 seconds later. The QRS complex usually lasts less than .12 seconds. The final bump is (usually) the T wave.

What does ventricular repolarization result in?


What is minimal voltage criteria for LVH may be normal variant?

Pulmonary disease pattern

What channels are open during depolarization and during repolarization?

During depolarization Na channels are open During repolarization K channels are open

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