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What are the pros and cons of energy drinks?

Pro The energy drinks supply liquid to your body. The energy drink tastes good. You feel better having energy. Cons After the energy drink is consumed, you have a short burst of energy and then you crash. The energy drink may do damage to your heart.

Is Tiffany thornton having a girl or a boy?

She is having a boy.

How do energy drinks affect plant growth?

The energy drinks affect plant growth by having citric acid and they have certain vitamins that help the plant grow big and strong like superman

Why having no energy and small pain near ovaries?

You are ovulating and have PMS. Keep off of caffeine, sugars, soft drinks, and snack foods.

Is it a correct grammar hallucinating drinks?

the drinks are not having hallucinations, they are causing them - therefore: HALLUCINOGEN.

How do you stop being addicted to energy drinks without having a horrible migraine?

drink a healthy drink insted like milk or water ect...

What is the risk of having drinks near computer?


Who is Matt Thornton?

Matt Thornton is a left-handed baseball relief pitcher who, as of 2010, plays for the Chicago White Sox, having played for the Seattle Mariners between 2004 and 2005.

How do you pull an all nighter. My brother fell asleep an hour ago and now im having a hard time staying awake and playing skyrim?

Taking doses of caffeine (either through energy drinks or drinks like tea and coffee) as soon as you feel the onset of tiredness can generally allow you to stay awake longer. There are also 'specialised' energy shot drinks like the 'Mana' and 'Health' drinks that are designed specifically to aid longer gaming sessions.

If energy is taken away from matter what will happen?

Then the matter will end up having less energy.Then the matter will end up having less energy.Then the matter will end up having less energy.Then the matter will end up having less energy.

What are the side effects of amp energy drinks?

if you have too many at once there is a possibility you could die. I met someone whose son died from having almost 10 of them in one sitting.

Why do you need to store energy in your bodies?

We store energy in our bodies to use it. Every movement in our body, including simple things like raising our hands require energy. Without energy, we would not be able to do anything. In order to make it more 'convenient', without having to consume food or drinks when we need energy, we store energy in our bodies so that we can use it when we need it.

How would Ancient Greek celebrate there birthday?

they did that by having drinks and partying

What to say when having drinks in french?

'à votre santé !' (cheers!)

Do you stop zits and how?

Hey. Okay I personally know an herbalist. My mom was complaining about having "ZITS". Our friend said that if you sit up strait and drink more water it can help. Like no energy drinks less soda. She said it is a digestive problem and that's how you get zits. See what water can do for you. And that's why I think teenagers have zits because they drink soda and energy drinks and they slouch. Thanks.

How do you gain energy?

you can gain energy by absorbing sunlight or having an energy drink, having a good nights sleep, going to bed early.

How do pontential energy and kinectic energy compare?

object having height possess potential energy.Object having motion possess kinetic energy.

Should energy drinks be banned?

well... having too many can be dangerous but i dont think they should be banned, mabey just higher the price because i think people mostley buy them because they are cheep.

Who does Billy Bob Thornton play in the movie Sling Blade?

Billy Bob Thornton portrays mentally challenged Karl Childers, a man who has been in the custody of the state mental hospital since the age of twelve, having murdered his mother and her lover.

My school is having an event where you stay up for over 24 hours and play sports the entire time what could one do to prepare so that you can stay awake and energetic?

You can always go to a golf shop and get energy drinks.

What does drive of energy mean?

It means having lots of energy.

What is in fizzy drinks?

Any soft drink having carbon dioxide in it is called a fizzy drink.

Can I have hot drinks when I am having one block in your heart?

Please restate your question. We have no idea what you are asking.

Does 2 drinks per day mean both drinks at one sitting?

Two drinks per day means two drinks every 24 hours. Theoretically, one could cheat by having two just before midnight, 2 just after, and abstaining for another 24 hours, but if things are to that point...

How does having energy benefit your health?

Having Energy benefit to our health is we could do things ENERGETIC or with ENERGY rather it gives us strenght in our daily lives to move , dance , etc.