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Matt Smith is dating Daisy Lowe.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-28 09:01:08
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Q: Is Matt Smith dating
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Is Karen gillan dating Matt Smith?

No they are not dating.

Who is daisy Lowe dating?

Matt Smith.

Is Matt smith single?

No unfortunately for some people Matt Smith is not single he is dating a girl called Daisy Loe.

Since when has Matt Smith been dating Daisy Lowe?


Does Matt Smith like his girlfriend?

I would imagine. If he didn't like her they wouldn't be dating!

Does Matt Smith smoke?

No, Matt Smith is not a smoker.

Is Matt Smith Scotish?

Matt Smith is English.

Who shot Matt Smith?

No one shot Matt Smith -- Matt Smith has never been shot.

Who is Matt Hardy dating?

Matt Hardy is dating Reby Sky!

Who is the next Dr Who Matt Smith Matt lucus Matt alwright?

Matt Smith is the new Doctor.

Where does Matt Smith live?

Matt Smith lives in Northampton

Is Matt Smith straight?

yes Matt smith is straight! :)

Who is in Matt Smiths mum who is Matt Smith mum?

Julian Smith?

What is Matt Smith's MySpace address?

Matt Smith does not have a Myspace account.

When was Matt Smith born?

Matt Smith was born on October 28, 1982.

What doesn't Matt Smith like?

type in all about Matt smith and find out!

What street does Matt Smith live at?

what street dose Matt smith live

What is Matt Smith's birthday?

Matt Smith was born on October 28, 1982.

When was Matt 'Money' Smith born?

Matt 'Money' Smith was born in 1973.

Is Matt Smith left handed?

Yes , Matt Smith is left handed

Who is Matt Barnes dating?

No Matt doesn't have a girlfriend.

Does Matt Smith have a younger brother?

No Matt Smith has only one sister called Laura Jayne Smith

Who is the 11th Doctor Who Matt Smith or the other guy?

The new doctor is Matt Smith.

Does actor Matt Smith have any children?

No, Matt Smith does not currently have any children.

How old is the actor Matt Smith?

Matt smith turned 28 on the 28th of October