Is Matt hardy dating velvet sky?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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No they are not dating. He would not date the ex-girlfriend of his best friend!!

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No they are not and never have

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Q: Is Matt hardy dating velvet sky?
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Who is Matt Hardy dating?

well he dated wwe wrestler Ashley in the year 07 and in 08 no one in 09 yes but she is a local girl in Cameron North Carolina.

Is chris sabin dating velvet sky?


Is velvet sky and john cena dating?


What diva likes Matt hardy?

Matt Hardy's previous "on-air" WWE relationships were with Lita (who he once dated in real life) and Maria. Currently in real life, he is dating model and pro-wrestler Reby Sky.

Is velvet sky and chris sabin dating?


Is chris sabin single?

no he is not. he is dating current knockout velvet sky

Is Matt hardy and ashley really going out?

No. They used to, but Matt's current girlfriend is Reby Sky.

Does jeff hardy and velvet sky go together?

No they never dated !! and no they are not married. Jeff is married to Beth for a year now and they were together for 12 years before their marriage!! Velvet Sky dated Shane Helms and Velvet has no kids.

Did Gregory Helms and Velvet Sky have a baby?

They were dating but they are now broken up.

Is Shane helms dating anyone?

Shane Helms is dating TNA Knockout Velvet Sky (Jamie Szantyr).

Is Velvet Sky engaged?

No, Velvet Sky is not engaged.

How tall is velvet sky?

Velvet Sky is 5'6