Is Mbooka a fake country

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: Is Mbooka a fake country
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Is there a country called Mbooka?

At this current point in time, no.

What happens if you're caught with a fake id in a foreign country?

If you are caught in a foreign country with a fake ID you could be prosecuted.

Does Germany sell fake products?

The country of Germany does not sell products but German companies do. You can bet some are fake just like in every other country.

What would be a good fake country name?


What are some fake country names?

Costa Bella

What country sends dogs packed bomb's into Pakistan hideouts?

No country does that. This is fake news.

Are kincow a real country?

Kincow is not a real country it is a fake island from a show called pair of kings

What country was the fake flying Gibson v guitar made in?


Are McJuggerNuggets videos real or fake?

Fake, the whole psycho series was staged and just for entertainment. Jesse confirmed it in his final video "Psycho Kid Flees Country".

How do you do a fake call on Sony ericsons?

hello to sony user to do a fake call you need to download fake call app i use {fake call and sms} you set the time and it call you ایران کشور من است - iran its my country i am ali shahverdi (the app its for android)

What is legal wife and what is fake wife?

A legal wife is legally wed wife. A fake wife is one whom you may use to gain immigration in some other country.

Is Corllins University fake?

Corllins is an accredited online university with a website and students too. Accredited colleges and schools are recognized all over the country. I don't think it is fake.