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heck yes one reason is he is experince i can go on for days but i will just keep this short.

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Is John McCain better than obama?

Yes he is soooo much better than Obama. I wish Mccain was the president. :)

Is John McCain better than Barack Obama?

My opinionis No.

How is McCain going to improve the economy?

better than Obama!

Who is better Obama or McCain?

Better at what?I think McCain is (was) a better fighter pilot.I think Obama is a better basketball player.Both of the above statements are OPINIONS.

Why would McCain be a better CinC?

because McCain was in the military and Obama wasnt.

Is Obama or McCain better?

Well, most Democrats would say that Obama is better, and most Republicans would say that McCain was better. Barack Obama ultimately won the election, so more of the American public at that time felt that he was the better candidate.

Who is voting for obama because mccain is planning on putting the draft back up?

im am definetley voting 4 obama not because hes black but because he can do a better job than mccain and bush together

How many votes did obama have in comparison to mccain?

Obama received 66,760,924 votes which accounted for 52.7% of the popular vote. McCain received 58,279,894 votes which accounted for 46.0% of the popular vote. Obama received 8,481,030 more votes than McCain. This means Obama received about 14.5% more votes than McCain did.

Are the people happy with obama?

Hell no they like McCain better!!!!

Is John McCain going to lose to Barack Obama?

No way. John McCain is definitely going to win. He has more military experience than Obama and he is a whole lot wiser than Obama. John McCain is going to win by a long shot.

Who is taller Obama or mccain?

Obama is 6'1,McCain is 5'7

Dose Barack Obama have a better chance of wining the United States presidency than Jhon McCain?

This question has been answered. Obama won the election.

Why does mccain have less endorsers then Obama?

McCain has less endorsers then Obama because McCain is awesome and Obama sucks. McCain is also a better person then Obama because he is conservative and doesn't have very many advertisements that knock Obama down like Obama is constantly discriminating McCain. Plus Obama is not an American citizen. He was born in Kenya, Africa and is a Muslim who should not be allowed to run for president and should be thrown in prison because he's a liberal maniac.

Is Obama famous for leadership?

No, John Mccain is a far better leader

Who is cooler Obama or McCain?


Does either mccain or obama have a plan?

mccain has a plan. he wants to make a better nation and wants to put an end to abortion.

How tall are John McCain and Barack Obama?

obama is 6'1.5 Mccain is 5'6

Who should be the next president?

Obama should be the next president because he is in the lead and he is a better help and support to our country than McCain.

Who is behind in the polls mccain or Obama?


Did Alaska vote for mccain or Obama?


Was Montana won by mccain or Obama?


What does McCain think about Obama?

well mcCain dont like obama cause he is a democrat and obama does not believe in war

Who is the best bet for being president Mccain or Obama?

mccain. obama sucks eggs.

What if John McCain was president?

Then the world would be way better then when dumb obama is president!!!

Is McCain on crack?


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