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Mercury is not a Jovian planet, so it is a Terrestrial planet.

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Q: Is Mercury a Terrestrial Planet or a Jovian planet?
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Is Mercury a terrestrial planet or jovian planet?


Is Mercury jovain?

Mercury is not a Jovian planet. It is a terrestrial planet.

Is mercury a terrestrial or jovian planet?


Is Mars a terrestrial or jovian planet?

Mars is not a Jovian planet, so it is a Terrestrial planet.

Is a terrestrial planet Mercury or Jupiter?

Mercury is terrestrial. Jupiter is Jovian (gas giant).

Is Uranus a terrestrial or a jovian planet?

it is a Jovian planet. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all Jovian, while Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are terrestrial planets.

Is Saturn Jovian or terrestrial planet?

Saturn is a Jovian planet.

Is Mercury a terrestrial or Jovian planet and why?

It's a "terrestrial" planet, because it is rocky with an iron core, like planet Earth. "Terrestrial" means "Earthlike". Jovian planets are mainly made of gases and liquefied gases.

Which planet it not a jovian planet?

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are not "Jovian planets". They are called "terrestrial planets". The Jovian planets are the bigger "gas giant" planets.

What does terrestrial and jovian mean?

Terrestrial planet are the inner planet. mostly composed with rock and metal. Terrestrial planet are:Mercury,Venus,Earth, and Mars Jovian planet are a gas giant and the outer planet. Jovian planet are:Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune

Is a terrestrial planet bigger than a Jovian planet?

No. Jovian planets are much larger than terrestrial planets.

Is the planet Saturn a jovial planet or a terrestrial?

Saturn is a Jovian planet.

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