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A country. Mexico is part of North America.

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Mexico is a country.

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Q: Is Mexico a country or continent?
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What is the capital of the continent of Mexico?

Mexico is a country, not a continent. Continents do not have capitals, except for Australia, which is both a continent and a country. The capital of the country of Mexico is Mexico City.

What continent of Mexico speaks spanish?

There is no continent of Mexico. Mexico is just a country.

Is Mexico a continent?

No. A gulf is a large bay that is an arm of an ocean or sea "trapped" by two extensions of land. In the case of the Gulf of Mexico, the two extensions of land would be the Florida and Yucatan peninsulas.

The country of Mexico lies in what continent?

check your answer

What country and continent was conquered by Cortes?


What country and continent is Acapulco in?

Acapulco is located in the country of Mexico. It's continent is thus North America.

What continent is this country located on Mexico?

North America

How many continents are in Mexico?

One or two, depending on your definition of continent. For most people in the world, it borders just one continent: America. For Americans and Europeans, it borders two continents: North America and Central America.

The yucatan peninsula is part of which country?

The Yucatan Peninsula is part of the country if Mexico.

Which continent has the most dog abuse?

Continent or country? Continent = North America Country = Mexico

What is the continent in Guatemala?

Guatemala, is a Central American country south of Mexico. It is in the continent of North America.

What continent is Cancun in?

Cancun is located in Mexico, in the southeastern part of the country. Cancun is in the continent of North America.