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A posthumous album called Michael will be released December 14, 2010.


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Yes , Michael Jackson Did Have a New Album Ready But Sadly It Didn't Get Released But Soon It Might Be Released .

yeah well she just came out with Number Ones and she has then new song make me and i hear she is working on an album behind it

The video was gone too soon, from the Dangerous album (1991)

5 album-wise she is soon to be releasing her 6th album

He's releasing one soon called AGGROSANTOS.COM

It simply was his time. I love Michael Jackson. Especially in the begining of his carrer as a child...the Jackson 5! :( YOU WILL BE MISSED MICHAEL JACKSON!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!:(

The Jonas Brothers are releasing their new album really soon, Lines Vines and Trying Times.

Buz Kohan and Larry Grossman wrote it for Michael's album Dangerous, Michael then dedicated it to his friend Ryan White who passed away in 1990.

Michael Jackson is dead so no

It is about the late Ryan White who Michael Jackson was friends with.

Rihanna has been doing fine. She has released one album and is releasing another album soon in 2010.

No. Eminem is still alive. He's releasing another album soon, Relapse 2.

i dont think so but not sure. they r on tour right now i hope they do. i really luv them. <3 <3 <3 <3 no but they have made there old album more popular by re-releasing their song "shake it"

Larry Grossman and Buz Kohan.

its a tattoo saying gone to soon she had it in remembrance of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's claim to fame was through his father's management of The Jackson Five, in which he performed across towns for competitions. Soon after, The Jacksons auditioned for Motown and were accepted. His fame increased and soon he became the King of Pop.

Michael didn't write it but he dedicated it to his friend Ryan White who passed away in 1990.

No, it was written by Larry Grossman and Buz Kohan.

Yes the new song has already come out and there new album comes out in November CANT WAIT!!!

Michael Jackson tried to go to school when he was young but it was impossible not to be the cause of classroom disruptions when you are world famouse. He ended up with toutors and worked very hard at learning. Yet when a normal person would have been going to collage Michael was recording his album Off the Wall and was soon would be shooting the Movie "The Wix" a Motown version of The Wizard of Oz. Michael starred as the Sacarecrow.

I'm not exactly sure what date, but I remember reading from them it'll be at the end of 2011, so soon! <3

No they have not. They're releasing a new album "Random Access Memories" soon and have released their hit single "Get Lucky" last month.

Yes, she has been in the recording studio lately. She is planning on releasing her new CD late this year.

Chiodos is supposed to release a new Cd soon this year with new vocalist Brandon Bolmer (formely of Yesterdays Rising)

Not 3 of them, 5 of them released a solo album. The most famous one is Michael of course, and Jermaine, Jackie, but Randy and Marlon also released a solo album. The only one who never made his own album is Tito, but he's planning to release one soon, maybe in 2011.

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