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A posthumous album called Michael will be released December 14, 2010.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-17 11:32:30
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Q: Is Michael Jackson releasing a new album soon?
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Did Michael Jackson have a new album ready?

Yes , Michael Jackson Did Have a New Album Ready But Sadly It Didn't Get Released But Soon It Might Be Released .

Is Janet Jackson releasing a new album soon?

yeah well she just came out with Number Ones and she has then new song make me and i hear she is working on an album behind it

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Who sings gone to soon?

Michael Jackson.

Who did Michael Jackson write the song gone too soon for?

Buz Kohan and Larry Grossman wrote it for Michael's album Dangerous, Michael then dedicated it to his friend Ryan White who passed away in 1990.

Why did Michael Jackson leave us so soon?

It simply was his time. I love Michael Jackson. Especially in the begining of his carrer as a child...the Jackson 5! :( YOU WILL BE MISSED MICHAEL JACKSON!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!:(

Is there a concert for thriller live soon?

Michael Jackson is dead so no

Did Eminem die in April 2010?

No. Eminem is still alive. He's releasing another album soon, Relapse 2.

How did Michael Jackson get know?

Michael Jackson's claim to fame was through his father's management of The Jackson Five, in which he performed across towns for competitions. Soon after, The Jacksons auditioned for Motown and were accepted. His fame increased and soon he became the King of Pop.

Does the band Alakrity plan on releasing a new album anytime soon?

According to the band's Facebook page, they are planning on recording a new album and have written new music for it.

How has Rihanna been since Chris Brown beat her up?

Rihanna has been doing fine. She has released one album and is releasing another album soon in 2010.

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