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Yes because she is 17 and Justin Bieber has only just turned 16.

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Miley Cyrus is dating Justin Gaston. Justin Timberlake is much older than her. She is 16 years old, he is 28 years old. That's rape.

Where are you getting these ridiculous rumours? Miley Cyrus is not pregnant.

Yes Miley Cyrus has a new man. His name is Justin, he's a model from tennesee and is a few years older than her.

Yes, he is older than miley cyrus.

Justin Bieber is older. Justin is 17 and Jaden is 12.

No because she calls him her little brother and she has a boyfriend she is also older than him and miley is a cheater and Justin Bieber will never in his life will date a cheater and that is a fact.

Selena Gomez is older not Justin Bieber

miley's older sister is brandy Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is younger. Selena is older. Miley's 16 and Selena's 17

yes Miley Cyrus has an older sister and a younger sister, she also has a younger and older brother.

chace Cyrus is Miley Cyrus' older brother

Selena Gomez is older than Justin Bieber!

Yes, Brandi is older than Miley.

Justin Bieber prefers an older women because he is gay.

Cody Cyrus is older (April 1992), Miley was born in November 1992.

zayn malik is older he's like maybe one or two years older than justin bieber cause justin bieber is only 18

well you can tell that Miley is a lonely child but she has an older sister Brandi Cyrus, but before you take the wrong information out there ,Brandi is older not Miley

Justin is older by about 3 years

Miley Cyrus has 2 sisters. one little one one older

She doesn't have an older brother.

Selena Gomez is older than Justin.

Brandi Cyrus: Older Than Miley Cyrus. 22 And Was Born On The 26th May 1988. Trace Cyrus: Older Than Miley Cyrus. 21 And Was Born On The 24th February 1989. Miley Cyrus: 18 And Was Born On The 23rd November 1992. Braison Cyrus: Younger Than Miley Cyrus. 16 And Born On The 9th May 1994. Noah: Younger Than Miley Cyrus. 10 And Was Born On The 8 January 2000.

Miley Cyrus does not have an older brother she has a younger brother and he is like 12 or 13

Because when she was little they called her smiley and they made it shorter it as she got older.

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