Is Military serial number same as service number or selective service number?

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What is the customer service number of the Cincinnati bell phone service?

Cincinnati Bell has two different customer service numbers depending on whether you need assistance with a home phone (landline) or a cell phone. You may either contact them via their website, or call them under their website. You may select the service you need assistance with, and underneath to th ( Full Answer )

Is serial and PAC number are same?

A serial number and a PAC number are not the same. A PAC number isused for banking and is always a six digit code.

What is the service number for Pioneer?

Pioneer Electronics Support (USA) 1925 E. Dominguez St. Long Beach, CA 90810 (800) 421-1404 Or did you mean the plant genetics company? Their info is: Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. PO Box 1000 Johnston IA 50131-0184 Phone: (515) 270-3200 Fax: (515) 334-4415

Is 121 an emergency services number?

No, only 9-1-1 in most areas. In some metropolitan areas where emergency services levels are high, such as Las Vegas, you can dial 3-1-1.

What is 118118 customer services number?

For UK customer: Customer Care Contact the number below or email us if you have any queries about 118118 directory enquiries. Telephone: 0800 3891 118 Fax: 029 2054 8007 Email:

What is the Dustomer Service telephone number?

In the US and Ca, customer Service telephone number usually starts with the numbers, 1800,1888,1886 or 1887. The owner of the number is charged for the calls you'll make. These prefixes varies with every geographical region around the world.

What Is Bungie's Customer Service number?

I think you meant to type 'service' and not 'survive'. I fixed the question's spelling. ~ Bayley (Supervisor) For a customer service number in your region just check your game manual. I can't be very exact because I don't know where you live and the numbers will be different for different ( Full Answer )

Where can you find your navy service number?

If the individual's service number is unknown, it can usually be located by specifying the individual's name, his command, and when he served in a letter to the Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphi Road College Park, MD 20740. That office can usually dis ( Full Answer )

What is the service number on military dog tags?

When soldiers first started receiving service numbers, there was a special number only the military used. In the modern military, your "service number" is your Social Security number.

What is military service number?

previously military members were assigned a service number at time of enlistment. however, that was changed and military personnel now use their social security number as their service number

You lost your selective service number?

Copies of proof of registration may be obtained by calling the Selective Service at (847)688-6888. You may also obtain a copy by writing to: Selective Service System, P.O. Box 94638, Palatine, Illinois, 60094-4638. Make sure to provide your name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and current ma ( Full Answer )

What is a customer services phone number?

Customer Service Phone Number Customer service is a department of every company which services and answers customer questions. The phone number varies from companies. Usually customer service numbers are toll free numbers. The caller to the number is not charged for the call; instead the calle ( Full Answer )

What is your veteran service number?

For most claims since 1970, the veterans' Social Security Number is the service number. For earlier service, they may require the actual service number (i.s. US12345678, RA23456789, NG98765432, AR5678921, etc.) Best bet is the SSN.

1988 Where can I find my selective service number not found in selective service system?

That Selective Service document was so important, the army wouldn't even accept a volunteer enlistee without it. And all this during a time of draft dodging and escapes to Canada! The document should be considered almost as important as the discharge paper, in fact some of that data is on that too ( ( Full Answer )

Can you get military records if you have a service number?

Yes - if you have a Veteran's service #, you can request a copy of their military records via the National Archives' eVetRecs site. It depends on whether or not you're a relative , Veteran, or researcher as to which request form to use, but the site is pretty good on how to request records and the p ( Full Answer )

What is pokerstars customer service number UK?

poker stars do not have a contact phone number they are an email and faq based company this is due to the high amount of abusive phone calls they recieved each minute while having a customer service team

Does the US Army gives you a selective service number?

No. The U.S. military gives you a "Service Number" which is your Identification while in the service... This practice was (I believe) discontinued in the '70s and the Social Security Number was used instead... I think that the service number assignment has since been re-instated..

How do you find military service number using social security number?

Presently, the social security number and the service number are the same, excepting that the US Air Force adds "FR" as a suffix. Depending on the specific branch, this started between 1969 and 1974. (Army and Air Force - July 1, 1969, Navy and Marine Corps - January 1, 1972, Coast Guard - October 1 ( Full Answer )

How do you surrender the service tax number?

It is impossible to know specifically what the questioner is referring to. ' Surrender ' means to give something up - or turn something over to. Possibly referring to disclosing some kind of tax ID number. (???)

What is the Apple customer service number?

U.S. iPod, Mac and iPad technical support: 1-800-APL-CARE (1-800-275-2273) . U.S. iPhone technical support: 1-800-MY-IPHONE (1-800-694-7466) . Canada technical support: 1-800-263-3394 . Apple Rebates: 1-877-4-APL-PROMO (1-877-427-5776

What are the presidents numbers and dates of service?

1. Al Gore 1789-1803 2. Scooby Doo 1803-1865 3. Madonna 1865-1866 4. Your mother 1866-1888 5. LeBron James 1888-2027 6. Michael J. Fox 2027-incumbent Of these 8 people, four were assassinated, five died in office, and one resigned following the Scrappy Doo scandal.

Is there a customer service number for reliabilt?

Doesn't look like a number is listed publicly, but given to only Lowe's employees. Or Since RB is a Lowe's owned brand name, the manufacturers who build under that name, however, vary greatly. For example, RB garage doors are made by Amarr, RB patio doors are Jeld-Wen. RB interior doors are manuf ( Full Answer )

What is the number for Qwest customer service?

The phone number for Qwest customer service is 1-800-244-1111. You must call between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays. Press one for an English call, and go through the operator prompting.

Is Google Number a free service?

"Do you perhaps mean Google Voice? Google Voice is a calling service offered by Google, with free calling throughout the US. If you call internationally, there is a low cost."

Is there a customer service number for Minecraft?

First of all, check the Minecraft Help Centre to see if your problem can be answered there (see related links below). Alternatively, you can also send a support email directly to the Mojang headquarters in Sweden (see related links below). However I should advise you that the support mailbox is ( Full Answer )

What services does the 800 number offer?

An 800 number offers the ability for customers to contact a business without being charged for the phone call. In a society that many people have cell phone plans that do not limit their calling inside the United States, this is becoming less necessary.

What is the Verizon customer service number?

You can contact Verizon by calling their customer service number at 1-800-922-0204, Monday though Sunday from 6am to 11pm. Also, if you have wireless service with Verizon you can dial*611 from your mobile device. That call is airtime free.