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In Morocco
No. Morocco is not in Arizona. Morocco is a country in Africa and is separate from the United States.

Where is Morocco on the map?

Morocco is in northwestern Africa on the Atlantic Ocean, south of Spain and northwest of Algeria. For extra links, you can copy and paste these to get a clear view of Morocco's location on the map: ( Full Answer )

Where is Arizona?

usa Arizona is located to the right of California and t the left of New Mexico. And it underneath Utah. U.s.a

Where are the police in Morocco?

the police of morocco are working specialy with the king mohomad sex .olso they are in the place whiche called post fix .it mean in Arabic 3assas .gardien .

Where is Morocco?

Morocco is a country in extreme northwest Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

How did Morocco get its name?

The Latinized name "Morocco" originates from medieval Latin"Morroch," which referred to the name of the former Almoravid andAlmohad capital, Marrakech. The capital of morocco is now Rabat.

Are there sharks in Morocco?

There are no alive species of sharks in morocco, but there are many shark fossils.

What is Arizona?

\nArizona is a state in the south western region of the United States of America

What continent is Morocco on?

Morocco is on the continent of Africa. It is in extreme northwest Africa across the Mediterranean from Spain. Morocco continent is Africa.

How old is Morocco?

The present day area which we call Morocco has been inhabited by the Berber tribe since approximately 8000BC. Since then, the country has been invaded by Romans, Islams, Portuguese, French and Spanish all helping to develop its history. The African continent itself is considered to be the birth plac ( Full Answer )

What is Morocco?

Morocco is a country in northern Africa. Its coastline is the NorthAtlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Western Saharaand Algeria. It is near Gibraltar.

What is the culture of Morocco?

Morocco has different cultures including Berbere, Arabic, OttomanTurkish and a bit of French as Morocco was a french colony.

How cold is Morocco?

Well it depends in the winter it is really cold slightly icy. In some parts of Morocco it will snow. In the summer everything is boiling. You dont want to experience it. But over all everything is good Hope ive helped Mona xxx

What is the climate in Morocco?

Fez has a continental climate with extreme temperatures. In summer the mercury can reach a sizzling 120F (45C), so a more pleasant time to visit would be during spring and autumn, when the weather is warm and dry. Winters, by contrast, are very cold

What is the capital of Morocco?

The capital city of Morocco is Rabat, built in 1146 AD by theBerber king Abd al-Mu'min of Almohad empire. Although NOT the largest city, Rabat is Morocco'scapital and 'Royal City'. Known nowadays as the 'Washington ofNorth Africa', because of its parks, boulevards, monuments,embassies and governm ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Arizona?

Arizona is great state and there's a lot to do. Arizona is famous for the Grand Canyon, which is a beautiful sight. There's Scottsdale which is a city in Arizona with great hotels, shopping centers and restaurants. There are a lot of foot hills that can be hiked and there are pink jeep tours.

Why was Morocco colonized?

Because of their good water sources on the coast. No. Morocco was colonized because of its critical position on theStraits of Gibraltar and because of its proximity to Algeria, whichwas part of France in the early 1900s. The fact that Morocco hasplentiful fishing grounds off the coast was not tanta ( Full Answer )

Is Morocco beautiful?

of course morocco is so beautiful,actually i'm from morocco,its socool,and wonderful,best thing I've ever seen. Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries in the world ! I'mMoroccan too ! and I found Morocco is sooooooo nice ! especiallyTangier !

The culture of Morocco?

The almost medieval-like hustle and bustle of Morocco is for most travelers a world away from their own cities and towns. The culture and people are usually so completely different from what they know that they often find themselves in situations to which they have no idea how to react. The followin ( Full Answer )

Does Morocco have Mountains?

a lot of mountains especially the ATLAS series whereas : Little ATLAS, Medium ATLAS, Big ATLAS, named after the Greek mythology god ATLAS

Is there an Arizona?

Yes...i believe its a state and its a tea company and maybe something else :P

Is Morocco in France?

No, Morocco is a country in Africa. France is a country inEurope. From 1912 to 1956, large portions of Morocco were a FrenchProtectorate.

What are facts on Morocco?

a popular holiday destinaion the climate is dry and rocky but is a useful farming place morrocco hasa strong ethnic back round rabiz is the capital . population has dropped -1.99 % from 2008 to 2009

Is Morocco in Europe?

Nope. Africa. No, Morocco is not in Europe but near Europe. Morocco is in Africa.

What do people do in Morocco?

In morocco they work In the mines and they work as farmers. . There are also numerous artisanal shops which cater to tourists in the larger cities and various rug-weaving cooperatives.

Where Arizona is?

Arizona is a state in the Southwestern United States. It borders the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, as well as the country of Mexico.

What is a What are fact about Morocco?

The capital of Morocco is Rabbat, while its currency is Moroccan dirham. Morocco gained independence from France in 1956.

How is the economy in Morocco?

Morocco doesnt have a economy as it is a medieval war time country filled with barbaric people who beat eachothers heads in with rocks and the money system doesnt work as in one part of the country they use diffrent money.

Where is it in Arizona?

is you wanna know where everything is in arizona that you should go to a libary and find some books =)

How large is Morocco?

The Kingdom of Morocco is a country in North Africa with a population of nearly 32 million and an area just under 447,000 square kilometres (173,000 sq mi).

How many miles from Phoenix Arizona to Casablanca Morocco?

The distance between the above mentioned places is 5695miapproximately. The distance is straight path from one place to anotherplace. There might be slight difference between the actual distance andthe above mentioned distance because of the route chosen.

What do they do in Arizona?

They do the same things people all over the country and all over the world do. We are people just like you. We eat, sleep, talk, have fun, play games, go to work, and go to dinner with friends.

Who controlled Morocco?

Mainly France, but Spain controlled a small portion of it during the same time period.

Why visit Morocco?

Some come to Morocco to see the market at Marrakesh. Some cometo see the the Hassan II Mosque. Some come to see Rabat's Oudaias Kasbah. Some love the cafes of Tangier.Some come to go climbing by Chefchaouen in the RifMountains.

Why is Morocco an ledc?

It is a less economically developed country because it's primarily a non-industrial nation. Most Moroccans are involved in agriculture, especially in the rural areas. While there has been some internal development in Morocco, it has been insufficient to move it into being an MEDC. Half of the popula ( Full Answer )

What are Morocco landmarks?

Some examples of beautiful Morocco Landmarks can be found at This site has some landscape photography from Morocco and other countries around the world.

What does Morocco trade?

Morocco trades clothing and textiles, electric components,inorganic chemicals, transistors, crude minerals, fertilizers(including phosphates), petroleum products, citrus fruits,vegetables, fish.

What traditions do they have in Morocco?

One of the richest aspects of Morocco's culture is its music. Made up of more than twenty-five different types, Moroccan music reflects the richness of its diversity and echoes its present and past history. -(

Does Morocco have elections?

Yes. However, the elections do not mean much since the King ofMorocco is not elected and maintains most political power in thecountry.

Are there hospitals in Morocco?

No , morocco is a very poor place. They have many diseases and you can die from it. You must male sure you visit your Doctor before heading over there

What is surrounding Morocco?

Morocco has the Atlas Mountains, Spain and Portugal to the north, Western Sahara to the southwest, Mauritania to the south, and Algeria to the east.

Does Morocco have churches?

Yes. Christianity is a very insignificant minority in Morocco, butthere are a few churches scattered about the country. Probably themost famous church in Morocco is the Church of Nuestra Señora de laVictoria (Catholic) in Tetouan, Morocco.

Where in Morocco is Rabat?

Morocco is in the north-central part of the country along the Atlantic coastline. It is easily accessible by the Oujda-Marrakech Highway, the ONCF railroads, and by sea.

Why was Morocco named Morocco?

The English name "Morocco" originates from, respectively, theSpanish and Portuguese names "Marruecos" and "Marrocos". These, inturn, derived from "Marrakesh", the medieval Latin name for theformer Almoravid dynasty and Almohad Caliphate capital from ancientMorocco.

What religion does Morocco have?

Morocco is overwhelmingly (>95%) Sunni Muslim. There are Jewish,Christian, and Atheist minorities. Most Moroccan Atheists, though,are in the closet since Moroccan society does not accept Atheism.

What is the shelter in Morocco?

Moroccans typically live in square hourses made of cement bricks ormud-bricks. In wealthier homes called riyads, inside the center ofthe house is a private garden surrounded by a portico.

Why does Morocco have a king?

Morocco has had a king ever since its establishment as a unifiedpolity in the 700s C.E. It has never experienced anynon-monarchical form of government, even though it has been undernumerous different dyansties.

Does morocco have plains?

Well, morocco has an airport named as Mohammed V InternationalAirport. That mean sure morocco have plans. If you planning for thetour to morocco then you may contact your local tour agency as"Extra World Reisen GmbH".