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Yes, they're neighbouring countries. Morocco is to the west of Algeria.

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What mountain range is in Morocco and Algeria?

The Atlas Mountains are in Morocco and Algeria.

What Languages are spoken in Morocco and Algeria?

The language common to both Morocco and Algeria is Arabic.For information about the languages of Algeria, click here.For information about the languages of Morocco, click here.

What cause the war between Morocco and Algeria?

Morocco attacked Algeria in October of 1963 because France had annexed portions of Morocco to Algeria. About 350 people died, but Morocco gave up and no territorial changes were made.

Is Algeria hotter than Morocco?

They almost have the same weather but Algeria is a little colder than Morocco and it snows more in Algeria than morrocco. It depends where in Algeria and where in Morocco you are. The mountains are generally cooler than the desert or coastal regions.

Does Morocco get along with Algeria?

They do but Algeria copy Morocco quite alot , eg. They copied couscous , clothes etc

What is the capital city of Morocco Algeria Libya?

Rabat is the capital of Morocco. Algiers is the capital of Algeria. Tripoli is the capital of Libya.

What African country is home to Air Algeria Algeria Tunisia South Africa Morocco?


What is east of Morocco?

Algeria (and if you consider Western Sahara to be part of Morocco, Mauritania) are east of Morocco.

What borders Morocco?

Algeria and Mauritania

What is the country west of Algeria?


Is couscous from Algeria?

No, couscous is from Morocco.

What are Tunisia Algeria and morocco?


What is the name of the mountain range that crosses Algeria and Morocco in Northwest Africa?

Atlas Mountains extend across Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

What are the allies of Algeria?

Allies : Tunisia, South africa, Cuba, Venezuela Enemies : Morocco, Morocco and Morocco

Which countries surround Morocco?

Countries which surround Morocco is Algeria and Western Sahara.

Which country is more popular out Morocco Algeria?

morocco because they have more torists

What is the neighboring countries of Morocco?

Algeria and Spain.

What is the country between Morocco and Tunisia?


What country is between Tunisia and Morocco?


What place is found west of Algeria?


What country separates Morocco and Tunisia?


What continent is Morocco and Algeria on?

on the African continent

What country is between Morocco and Tunisia?


What year did the allied troops land in Algeria and morocco?

They landed in Algeria and morroco in 1942

What countries are near Algeria?

Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Chad, and Mali border Algeria.