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4004 BC Adam and Eve's first two children are born, Cain and Abel (Gen. 4). Cain kills Abel (Ibid.)

3900 Enoch is born, Cain's first son. Seth is born to Adam and Eve. Irad, Cain's first grandchild, is born (Gen. 4).

3400 Enoch, the great, great, great, grandchild of Seth, is born. At this same general time period, Methuselah was born (Gen. 5)

3000 Noah is born (ca. 2948 B.C., Gen. 5: 29).

2500 Noah's sons are both, Shem, Ham, and Jepheth (Gen. 6: 9). It was about this time that Noah was commissioned to build the Ark (Gen. 6).

2350 The flood waters cover the entire earth (Gen. 7). (James Ussher suggest 2349 as the flood date, the Samaritan Pentateuch has 2998, the Hebrew Bible has 2288, and the Septuagint lists 3246 has the date of the flood). Noah's three sons began to repopulate the earth (Gen. 9: 1).

2300 The Tower of Babel and its destruction (Gen. 11). The confusion of tongues and the scattering of the people.

2000 The death of Noah (ca. 1998 B. C., Gen. 9: 28, 29).

1920 The call of Abram occurs at about this time (Gen. 12: 1). Abram and Lot depart Haran, as God instructed. God promised to make a great nation (Gen. 12). A son is promised to Abram (Gen. 15).

1890 The destruction of Sodom, Gomorrah and the cities of the plain (Gen. 19). The birth of Isaac, Abram's promised son (Gen. 19, 21: 3).

1872 Abraham is put to a test regarding Isaac (Gen. 22).

1730 Joseph is sold to the Midianites and his consequent experiences that result in him becoming a ruler in Egypt (Gen. 37 - 47).

1680 The Book of Genesis comes to a close, having covered approximately 2300 years of history.

1571 Moses is born . Moses is adopted into the Egyptian royal court.

1491 The call of Moses and his commission (the burning bush experience, Ex. 2). The ten plagues (Ex. 7 - 12). Israel is liberated from Egyptian bondage (Ex. 12 ff.). The giving of the Ten Commandment Law (Ex. 20, some provide the date of 1445 for the giving of the law). Hence, after about 2, 500 years the system of Patriarchy comes to a close.

1451 The death of Moses (Deut. 34). Joshua is appointed as Moses' successor (Josh. 1).

1425 The Abrahamic land promise is realized (Gen. 12; Josh. 24).

1400 The beginning of the judges and their governing of Israel, covering about 305 years (ca. 1095 B. C., see Judges 1 - I Samuel 8).

1095 The appointment of Saul to be King of Israel (I Sam. 10, some have 1050 as the date).

1063 David defeats Goliath (I Sam. 17).

1055 David is appointed King (2 Sam. 2, some have 1010 B. C.).

1015 Solomon, David's son, is appointed King (I Kgs. 1, 2, some believe 970 is the more likely time for the appointment of Solomon).

992 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon (I Kgs. 10).

975 Solomon's death and Rehoboam succeeds Solomon to the throne (I Kgs. 12, some have 931 as the date). The Kingdom is divided. When Solomon died, the fight for his throne results in the twelve tribes of Israel dividing, creating the Great Schism. The two southern tribes, Benjamine and Judah, maintaining Jerusalem as their capital, become "The Kingdom of Judah" under the reign of Rehoboam. He reigns 17 years. The ten northern tribes of Israel revolt, becoming "The Kingdom of Israel" under the rulership of Jeroboam. He reigns 21 years. Israel's continues, with 19 Kings from the reign of Solomon, for 254 years. Israel makes Samaria its capitol.

722 The Assyrians capture Samaria and take Israel captive (cp. 2 Chroni. 33, end of the Kingdom of Israel).

597 Jerusalem is captured by Babylon (cp. 2 Chroni. 36).

536 First group returns from captivity (see Ezra 2).

458 The second group returns from bondage (Ezra 8).

444 The walls of Jerusalem are rebuilt under the leadership of Nehemiah (Nehe. 1-7).

398 The completion of the 39 books that constitute the "Old Testament" see Malachi). This date began the "400 years of silence" between Malachi and Matthew (New Testament).
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What are the similarities between Moses and Noah?

"Both were recoginzed by GOD as kind, loving people. They were also both prophets." That only scratches the surface. Noah became the symbol of salvation for mankind in his day because he was the only remnant to survive while Moses became the symbol of salvation for the Israelites because he wa ( Full Answer )

Who was Noah?

Noah was a man who was told by God to build an arc and gather all the animals in pairs. He did so, saving all animal life from extinction when God flooded the earth, killing all those not on the arc.

How long was Moses on the scene before the Neanderthal was discovered?

The Neanderthal was not discovered while Moses was alive. Moseswould have died around 1441BC. The first remains of Neanderthal man(the top of a skull) were discovered in 1856 in the Neander Gorgenear Dusseldorf in Germany. This makes a time gap of 3297 years.

What are the differences between Moses and Noah?

According to the Old Testament, Noah came before Moses. He lived to be about 950 years old, and built an ark to save his family and two of every animal (male and female) when he was 600. His wife was Naamah, and his children were Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Noah was a holy man in a time of wickedness, so ( Full Answer )

What city was Noah living in before the flood?

The Bible does not say; but we do not need the Bible for that answer. If we believe the Bible true, then all people today are his children, and they all say he built the ark in Suruppak which is in the area that Peleg Mesanipada built Ur in 2239bc. Though off the coast, near to it; it was not insigh ( Full Answer )

How many years between Noah and Moses?

It is estimated that there are 1377 years between Noah and Moses inthe bible. Noah built an ark and Moses led the children of Israelout of Egypt. Answer: According to tradition, there were 362 years between the death ofNoah and the birth of Moses.

Did Moses die before or after his wife?

Moses was married to Zipporah ( Exodus 2:21). "And Moses was content to dwell with the man: and he gave Moses Zipporah his daughter" The Bible does not say when she died, but because Moses lived to be 120 it can safely be taken that she died before him. .

What did Noah do?

Noah was believed to have helped preserve the animal life of the Earth.God informed Noah that he was going to flood the Earth and asked Noah to help save the species of animals by gather 2 of every "unclean" animals and 7 of every "clean" animals.So Noah did and while doing so he built the Ark; a gi ( Full Answer )

Did moses die before he reached the promised land?

yes he did. Nobody knows the place of his burial, but he turned the leadership over to Joshua, and was clearly not present when they began to conquer the promised land.

What did Noah do before the ark?

The Bible does not give any indication of what Noah did as an occupation before the flood. It does refer to him as a 'preacher of righteousness', although most would not consider that this was his occupation full-time.

Before Noah flood what kind of environment did the earth have?

Very different from today. It was a more stable temperature, allowing lush green plants to thrive even in today's arctic regions. It is proposed from the Bible, that there was a canopy of water which surrounded the earth. This served as keeping the temperature consistent warmed the earth more, servi ( Full Answer )

Was moses send before Abrahim?

No, Moses was after Abraham because when Moses was alive there were already a group of people who were called Israelites. In Genesis 17:5 it says, "Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall beAbraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee." This blessing was bought ( Full Answer )

How did Moses cross the Red Sea before the Exodus?

Before the Exodus, Moses didn't cross it - he went around it. Afterthe Exodus from Egypt, Moses, along with the other 2 million(more-or-less) Children of Israel, crossed the sea directly, on dryland, with the water resembling walls on their left and right,because God parted the waters while they cro ( Full Answer )

Did Moses die before aron?

Aaron died first. According to the Book of Numbers, Aaron died on Mount Hor; and Moses appointed Eleazar as High Priest to replace him.

What did moses Austin did before he died?

Moses Austin was the father of Stephen F. Austin, who himself isknown as the Father of Texas. In 1821 he and his friend managed toconvince the Spanish governor of Texas to allow Anglo-Americans tocolonize the area, ultimately leading to the secession of Texasfrom Mexico by English speaking immigrant ( Full Answer )

What business was Moses Austin engaged in before coming to Texas?

Austin was engaged in the mining, smelting, and manufacturing of lead and, in addition, conducted a general store. After his return from Transylvania in the spring of 1810, Stephen Austin was employed in the store and subsequently took over the management of most of the lead business. He served the ( Full Answer )

How many years were between Moses and Noah?

Answer According to the Book of Genesis, Abraham was born 292 years after the Flood. The Bible says Noah died 350 years after the Flood, so they both lived at the same time. According to the Bible, Moses was the grandson of Kohath, who was alive at the time of the migration from Canaan and lived ( Full Answer )

Did Noah exist before Abraham?

The Bible says that Noah was a distant ancestor to Abraham, butlived until Abraham was 60 years old, although Abraham seemsunaware of Noah's existence or even of God having saved him in theFlood (One online site even estimates that Abraham was born 165years before Noah died). From a biblical perspec ( Full Answer )

Who was first in the Bible Moses or Noah?

Noah. The Story of Noah and the Flood are found in the book of Gensis where Story of Moses and the Israelites is found in the book of Exodus.

What did Noah do before the flood?

God told him 2 build a great big boat. And for him and family, and also every animal female and male may enter that big boat.

Did Moses live before or after Jesus Christ?

Moses, the first biblical prophet, lived more than a thousand years before Jesus Christ. According to some sources, Moses lived in the fourteenth century B.C. According to others, he lived in the thirteenth or twelfth century B.C. Please see the related links for details.

Was there a flood before Noahs?

No, their was not because there was no rain before Noah. The only water came up from springs in the ground and was in rivers & oceans.

Was the atmosphere thicker before the flood of Noah?

The Bible does not say, so it is not possible to give a purely religious answer. In terms of what really happened: . There has never been a world-wide Flood of a biblical nature; . This is supported by the fact that there is not enough water on earth for there ever to have been a worldwide Flood ( Full Answer )

What are the differences of Noah and Moses?

Noah is the one who built an ark for the flood, Moses tried to free his people and when Pharaoh would not the plagues came and he parted the Red Sea.

Did Zoroaster live before Moses?

Based on the available evidence, we can be reasonably certain that Zoroaster really did exist. Scholars say that he probably lived before at least 1700 BCE and possibly much earlier. There is no extra-biblical evidence that Moses ever existed, and a careful analysis of the biblical stories indicates ( Full Answer )

What was moses goal when he went before the pharaoh?

His Goal was equal to God's Goal to demonstrate the Awesome power of Jehovah God and to harden Pharaoh's heart till all the known world would see the reputation of the God of the Israelite s. To force the hand of Pharaoh to obey God and let the people go.

Was there a flood that destroyed earth before the flood of Noah and the ark?

No, there was not. The Bible states that it had never even rained before the Flood. Noah's friends and peers thought he was crazy when he told them that water was going to fall from the sky and fill the earth, destroying everything, and they all needed to help him build a boat and pray so that they ( Full Answer )

What is known by the church about the flood before Noah?

Answer The Church generally accepts without question that there was a worldwide flood, just as described in the Bible, even as some theologians acknowledge that there are actually two flood stories in Genesis, so well conflated that they appear to be a single, complex story. There was a flood b ( Full Answer )

How long did Noah warn the people before the flood?

One thought: 2 Peter 2:5 calls Noah "a preacher of righteousness..." (NIS). Many feel that during the approximately 50 years it took Noah to build the ark, he was preaching to people around him.

What was the world like before the Ark was built by Noah?

A: Since the story of Noah's Ark exists only in the Bible, we must look to the Bible to read what the world was like before the ark was built. The Bible does not suggest that the world was any different before that time. Once we go outside the Bible, we find that the world has existed for over fou ( Full Answer )

Did unicorns once live before Noah and the Ark?

Well, Ido belive unicorns died during Noah and the Ark. I'm pretty sure Noah did not put the unicorns on the Ark because he did not beleive they were true creatures. PEACE LOVE UNICORNS! :0

Were Moses and Noah related and if so how?

A: The biblical answer is that Moses and all other living persons were directly descended from Noah, who died approximately 2000 BCE, just a few hundred years before Moses was born. On the biblical evidence, only about half a dozen generations separated Noah from Moses. The scientific answer is ( Full Answer )

What was something that moses said before he parted the red sea?

Exodus 14:13, 14 - And Moses said to the people, "Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace." [NK ( Full Answer )

Because Of Noah Moses And Jesus Why Is 40 A Special Number To God?

It is highly unlikely that a Supreme Being would show a specialaffinity for a random Arabic numeral. Answer/ Due to God being omniscient, the number 40 written forty is used todescribe a period of time relevant for the physical world accordingto Him, and is symbolic in Holy Scripture for a period ( Full Answer )

Was Moses here before God?

No. The Bible begins "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God." God was here before any thing and any one.