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There is Arab in him. His mother is from Jordan and his father is Italian. Muhammed Hassan aka Mark Copani was born in Amman, Jordan.

AnswerYes he is his mother was Jordonian and his father was Italian AnswerHis name is Mark Copani but he was also known as Mark Magnus and he was born in Jordan and his manager is Iranian Answeryes he is, he was born in Jordan but grew up in America. AnswerHis Mother Is Jordanian And His Father Is Italian AnswerI am not sure if he is Arab-American or not. There is a great deal of Arabs up in Michigan where they say he is from, so perhaps he has a little Arab blood in his bloodline. I personally think he is at least a portion Arab. His gimmick wouldn't be all that good if he wasn't. I do think it was a good idea that they at least put Daivari who is actual Arab with him. That at least proves one of them is Arab. Daivari is Arab but he doesnt speak Arabic he speaks an Iranian language where he is from. AnswerResponse to the answer above- Daivari is not Arab. he is Iranian, which is a totally different race. And the language he speaks is called Farsi. Hassan has a little Arab in him.

Well he is half Jordanian.

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Q: Is Muhammed Hassan actually Arab-American?
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