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Is My big foota complete sentence?

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Example: instead of My big foot try this My big foot is and what ever your big foot is.

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Is The pink pig is big a complete sentence?

Yes, the pink pig is big is a complete sentence since it includes a subject (the pig) and an action (is big).

It is too big.Is it right sentence?

yes It is too big. This is a complete sentence.

What is the complete predicate and verb in the sentence Such a big order is possible in the village of Pang?

The complete predicate is the entire verb or action of the sentence. The very is possible represents the complete predicate in this sentence. The word is denotes the simple predicate.

What is the complete subject in this sentence A big earthquake rocked the city in 1906?

The proper subject is "earthquake", its whole group is "A big earthquake".

Can you give me a sentence with the word project?

why do i need a sentence with the word project in it.ori have a hard project to completeor maybethe Olympics is a big project for the builders

What is a group of words that make a complete sentence?

A complete thought makes a complete sentence.

Is this a complete or not complete sentence the armadillo is a poor swimmer?

"The armadillo is a poor swimmer." is a complete sentence

What is one example of a complete sentence?

One example of a complete sentence is the sentence i am writting now.

A sentence that does not express a complete thought.?

a sentence that does not express a complete thought

How do you write in complete sentences?

Complete sentences are a sentence with a complete thought, statement, etc. Ex: He says he will help me on my homework. (this is a complete sentence) An incomplete sentence would be: He says he. (you did not complete the thought.)

What is a complete sentence?

An incomplete sentence is not a complete thought. So a complete sentence is one with a subject and verb and communicates a complete thought. Incomplete: I was making. Complete: I was making pizza. Incomplete. He went to. Complete: He went to work.

What makes a complete sentence a complete sentence?

A complete sentence consists of:an independent subject or subjectsa verba complete thoughtcorrect punctuationNote: You can combine two like, complete sentences with a semicolon.

Is using the word then in the beginning of sentence make it a complete sentence?

Using the word "then" at the beginning of a sentence is not incorrect. However, it does not make a sentence complete. A complete sentence must have, at a minimum, a subject and a verb. "Then" is neither of those.

What is the sentence of complete?

I presume, assume, you mean, what is the meaning of a complete sentence? A complete sentence has a noun and a verb. I'm glad that I am no longer studying another language.

Can a semicolon be used to join an incomplete sentence and complete sentence?

Yes, a semicolon could indeed join an incomplete sentence and a complete sentence.

Is you listened a complete sentence?

Yes, "you listened" is a complete sentence. You is the subject, and listened is the predicate.

Is surgery yesterday a complete sentence?

No, a complete sentence needs a subject and verb at least.

What is the subject and predicte of where does she live?

That is not a complete sentence. You need a noun and a verb for a complete sentence.

Correct the sentence?

The sentence 'Correct the sentence.' is a correct sentence. The subject is implied 'you'; the verb is 'correct'; the direct object is 'sentence'; and it is a complete thought. These are all the elements required for a complete sentence.

When Lola prepares for a day at the beach. Is this a complete sentence or a fragement?

This is a fragment. To make it a sentence you could write " When Lola prepares for a day at the beach, she packs a big lunch."

What is the difference between a sentence fragment and a sentence?

sentence is a complete thought with a noun and verb. Fragment is just part of a sentence and does not make a complete thought.

What is the simple predicate and complete subject and complete predicate in the sentence Listening is not a passive activity?

example of sentence complete subject and complete predicate Listening=subject is not=complete predicate

What is having an incomplete grammatical construction?

An incomplete grammatical construction is a series of words, phrases, or clauses that do not constitute a complete sentence. A complete sentence has a subject and a verb, and does not contain an introductory adverb, pronoun, or other word that makes it depend on a complete sentence to make sense. Some examples: Complete sentence: John hit me. Incomplete sentence: when John hit me...[This depends on a complete sentence to make sense.] Complete sentence: When John hit me, I hit him back. Complete sentence: Who is good? [The fact that it's a question makes it complete.] Incomplete sentence: who is good [The fact that it's not a question makes it depend on a complete sentence to make sense.] Complete sentence: A boy who is good will not go to the principle's office every so often. Other incomplete sentences: at at the bank feeling confused at the bank who is feeling confused at the bank because I was feeling confused at the bank Complete sentence: I left because I was feeling confused at the bank.

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