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Is Nigeria more democratic than South Africa?

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No, Nigeria is a corrupt slum.

2010-12-04 20:01:05
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Q: Is Nigeria more democratic than South Africa?
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How more secure is South Africa than Nigeria?

South Africa is alot more safe and possesses highly developed infrastructure with the most stable governance.

How many countries in Asia and Africa do not have democratic form of government?

More than 20 countries in Asia and Africa do not have a democratic form of government.

Are there 15 different countries in the continent of Africa?

Africa has more then 15 countries but 15 of them are: Congo South Africa Sudan Egypt Zaire Zambia Tunisia Algeria Morocco Chad Niger Nigeria Mali Ethlopia Kenya

Which continent has more countries South America or Africa?

Africa has more countries than South America. Africa-53 South America-13

Which has more countries south America or Africa?

South America has more countries than Africa

What has more animals Africa or South America?

South America has more animals than Africa

Does south America have more countries than Africa?

No Africa has more countries than South America.

What country has 11 official languages including afrikaans and Zulu?

South AfricaSouth AfricaSouth Africa

What are the 10 countries on the edge of Africa?

Countries along the coast/'edge'/periphery of Africa include: South Africa Namibia Mozambique Angola Egypt Tunisia Somalia Kenya Tanzania Nigeria Togo Benin There are many more than 10.

What continent has more land South America or Africa?

Africa has more land area than South America.

When did African countries besides South Africa compete in the Olympic Games?

South Africa and Egypt have been participants since the first modern olympic games. From 1936 onwards, more African countries like Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ethiopia etc entered into the Olympic games

What is the name of the upward force?

Nigeria was colonized by Britain in the late 19th century. In 1960 Nigeria regained independence, but unfortunate fell into a civil war. Nigeria has had a series of alternately military dictatorship or democratic government. Nigeriaâ??s 2011 presidential election more or less solidified its democratic government.

Where is diamonds found in South Africa?

Kimberley, South Africa may be the most notable locale for diamonds in South Africa. You can read more, below.

Why do people move to South Africa?

They come in droves from the north hoping from a more decent living in the much more affluent south of the continent. South Africa has the highest standard of living in Africa.

Is South Africa humid or dry?

The country South Africa is more humid than it is dry.

How many people are in South Africa?

There are more than 47-million people in South Africa.

What has more land south america or africa?

Africa is a lot larger than South America

Does more of Africa lie to the north or to the south of the equator?

more of it lies to the south

Which continent has more land south America or Africa?

Africa has more land than South America, Africa being the Second largest continent right after Asia.

Kampala is in north Africa or south Africa?

Kampala is in Uganda, which is an African country. It is not north, but also not south. It is more Central Africa.

Does North Africa or South Africa have more land mass?

north Africa is larger

Why are there no active volcanoes in South Africa?

There are no more ACTIVE volcanoes in Africa.

Which continent has more land mass Africa or south America?


Witch continent has more countries south america or africa?

Africa has more with a total of 55 countries. South America has only 12.

Are diamonds more expensive in south Africa than in America?

Yes because diamonds in South Africa is more expensive than in America.