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Yes. When reacting with water it is an acid forming oxide:

2NO2 + H2O --> HNO2 + HNO3

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How is nitrogen dioxide is converted into nitric acid?

The nitrogen dioxide reacts with water to form nitric acid.

Nitrogen dioxide reacts with water to produce nitric acid and water?

Nitrogen dioxide is generated from nitrogen monoxide and oxygen, then dissolves in water, forming nitric acid.

Is silicon dioxide an acid or a base?

silicon dioxide is an acid

Does nitrogen dioxide cause acid rain?

No, the one that cause acid rains are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide when they are combined with water in the atmosphere.

What is the balanced formula for the formation of nitric acid from nitrogen dioxide gas and water?

Nitrogen dioxide forms Nitric acid and Nitrous acid with water.Nitrous acid is unstable. 2NO2+H2O--->HNO3+HNO2

Is nitrogen an acid or base?

Nitrogen is neither. Nitrogen gas is simply N2, which has no hydrogen or hydroxide ions, which distinguish acids and bases. Nitrogen can be a part of a base or acid. For instance, nitric acid is HNO3, which obviously contains nitrogen.

What are the 3 main gases in acid rain?

Carbon dioxide (forms carbonic acid) Sulphur dioxide (forms sulphuric acid) Nitrogen dioxide (forms nitric acid)

What are compounds that start with N?

nitrogen dioxide nitrogen monoxide nitric acid

What is the reaction of carbon with hot nitric acid?

carbon + nirtic acid = water + nitrogen dioxide + carbon dioxide

Is nitrogen hydroxide an acid or a base?

Nitrogen hydroxide does not exist.

What acids do nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide form?

Sulfur dioxide produces Sulfurous acid when dissolved in water.SO2 + H2O ----> H2SO3Nitrogen dioxide produces Nitrous acid and Nitric acid when dissolved in water.2 NO2 + H2O ----> HNO2 + HNO3

What reactions occur when sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide react with water in the rain clouds?

When sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide reacts with rain water they produce sulphuric acid and nitric acid respectively, such rains are called acid rains.

What materials make nitric acid?

H2NO3hydrogennitrogenoxygenCombine nitrogen and oxygen at high temperature and pressure (as in internal combustion engine) to make nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Dissolve nitrogen dioxide in water to get nitric acid.

What are all the gases needed to form acid rain?

nitrogen-dioxide and sulphuric-dioxide

What acid rain is caused by?

acid rain is caused by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides;)

What to gases cause acid rain?

The gases that cause acid rain are mainly carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide.

What you get from nitric acid plus iron?

Iron + Nitric acid ----> Iron(III) nitrate + Water + Nitrogen Dioxide Fe + HNO3 ----> Fe(NO3)3 + H2O + NO2 NOTE: Nitrogen dioxide will come out only if the acid is concentrated. If it is dilute, Nitrogen monoxide will be produced.

When sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide combine with water in the atmosphere they form?

Acid rain, which is made of sulfuric acid. The nitrogen oxide is a catalyst.

Where does nitric acid come from?

Nitric acid is made by reacting nitrogen dioxide (NO2) with water.

Acid rain is caused by which of the following excess carbon dioxide deforestation nitrogen compounds in the air nitrogen compounds in the soil?

Acid rain is caused by which of the following? excess carbon dioxide deforestation nitrogen compounds in the air nitrogen compounds in the soil Help me please

What is gaseous compound?

Examples at standard conditions: carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, methane, propane, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, etc.

Is Acid rain a product of carbon dioxide and rain?

Yes, but acid rain formed from sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides is more dangerous.

What are the main chemicals in air pollution that create acid rain?

Acid rain is created by sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide.

What acids are released by acid rain?

sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides

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