Is Obama liberal conservative or moderate?

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While his political opponents insist he is liberal (which to them is something bad), the truth is that whether as a senator or as the president, Mr. Obama has generally been a moderate or a centrist, leaning somewhat to the left on social issues and somewhat to the right on certain foreign policy issues.
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Was Woodrow Wilson a conservative or a liberal or a moderate and did he make concessions to any type of group for political gain?

Answer to question on Woodrow Wilson It depends upon which era oneis judging Woodrow Wilson. If one is judging him by today's erathen Wilson is fairly conservative; however Wilson embraced manypolicies that a traditional conservative would never approve of,namely internationalism, joining an interna ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a liberal and a conservative?

In the US the following are generalities only. There are exceptions on both sides: Liberals believe that individuals are collectively responsible for the welfare of the entire community. Thus more programs to help the entire community means that higher taxes and bigger government is needed to ove ( Full Answer )

Is Charles Barkley liberal or conservative?

"He's right," Charles Barkley said of Mellencamp. " The word conservative means discriminatory practically. It's a form of political discrimination. [Conservatives are] against gay marriage and for a war that makes no sense. A war that was based on faulty intelligence. That's all they ever talk abou ( Full Answer )

Was Lyndon B. Johnson liberal moderate or conservative?

Answer . The meanings of the terms differ between sources and alter according to the politics of the era. However, Lyndon Johnson could probably be safely called a "radical" in most places, a "liberal" in North America and a "socialist" in Europe without any of these titles being wrong per se . ( Full Answer )

How are conservatives different than liberals?

Conservatives and Liberals . Very briefly stated, here are the different beliefs of Conservatives and Liberals.. Conservatives ideals are based on the belief in the capability of others and the attendant accountability i.e. personal responsibility. The individual, not the government, is responsi ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between very liberal liberal conservative moderate and apathetic in terms of politics?

Generally speaking, conservatives are the embodiment of left brain thinking. They are logical, practical and firm on ideas of right and wrong. They value authority and loyalty to the group. in family life, they often discipline their children through punishments and rewards. Their career paths, poli ( Full Answer )

Define Liberal Conservative and Moderate?

A liberal believes that government can be used to alleviate social ills. A conservative holds that individuals are responsible for their own situation, and government should not be involved. A moderate holds an intermediate position between liberal and conservative. Democrats tend to be liber ( Full Answer )

Were the 1920s considered liberal or conservative?

In short, yes--in other words, the 20's were both liberal and conservative.. The 20's were full of conflict between liberals and conservatives over a variety of topics. Though this may be an over-generalization, the center of liberal thought was in urban areas, while rural areas were more conservat ( Full Answer )

Are there more conservative or liberal vegetarians?

There are very few conservative vegetarians. Conservatives tend to value their freedom very highly, and as most people enjoy meat, conservatives think of vegetarianism as handing over your freedom to eat what you like. Often they view all the instances of meat-eating in the Bible as a carte blanche ( Full Answer )

Are lawyers mostly liberal or conservative?

Politically, it depends upon the person. Temperamentally, they are a very conservative people: meaning they do not like change or innovation. The U.S. Supreme Court, for example, has always been the most conservative branch of the federal government. The only real exception to this was the Warren (1 ( Full Answer )

Is the media liberal or conservative?

In today's society, most major news networks (NBC, MSNBCM CNN) are center-left about 5% (slightly liberal). However, some news stations, such as FoxNews, are fairly conservative.

Is Ireland a conservative or liberal country?

Conservative. It is more conservative than liberal but is nowhere near as conservative as the U.S.A. Irish people are very centrist and reject very left-wing or right-wing politics.

Was Dr. Seuss a liberal or a conservative?

Dr. Seuss was a famous children's author. Both parties claim thathe was a member of theirs but he never publicly stated which one hebelonged to.

Was George Washington a liberal or a conservative?

Washington was a federalist. Federalists in his time supported theidea of a strong, structured central government. This contrastswith modern conservatives who are more Jeffersonian in thought andpractice. They call for a more decentralized federal governmentwith more emphasis on state's rights. If ( Full Answer )

What types of rulings are likely to be issued by a Supreme Court composed of four liberal justices two conservative justices and three moderate justices?

Moderately liberal to liberal A majority decision of the full Court requires a minimum of fivevotes. Although not holding a majority of seats on the bench, the moderatejustices would exercise considerable power as swing voters. Theirposition would tend to mitigate both extreme liberalism orexcess ( Full Answer )

Was Associate Justice William Cushing liberal conservative or moderate in voting?

Associate Justice William Cushing was a member of the US Supreme Court from 1790 - 1810, a time when terms like liberal, conservative and moderate weren't part of the political lexicon. Cushing supported abolition of slavery, which would certainly be have been considered a "liberal" position at t ( Full Answer )

Was Thomas Jefferson a liberal or conservative?

A Conservative is someone who wishes to conserve the Republic as defined by the Constitution of the US. Now if you want to talk about conservatives with a small 'c', that's another story. Jefferson was less a 'liberal' and more a revolutionary. Again, by definition. Thomas Jefferson was a ideolog ( Full Answer )

What is moderate conservative?

It is a political standpoint. A moderate conservative is, as the name implies, one who is slightly (or moderately ) conservative.

How are conservatives different from liberals?

Conservatives and Liberals Very briefly stated, here are the different beliefs of Conservatives and Liberals. Conservatives ideals are based on the belief in the capability of others and the attendant accountability i.e., personal responsibility. The individual, not the government, is responsible f ( Full Answer )

Is Barack Obama a liberal or conservative?

Barack Obama is a centrist. Liberals, like the Socialists and Green Party, decry Obama's use of SuperPAC money, his failures in human rights, and his support for the military industrial complex. In most European countries President Obama would be considered a moderate conservative.

Is President Obama a political moderate?

Barack Obama's political enemies have said he was the most liberal member of the senate, but facts (such as his voting record) do not support that statement. He was liberal on social issues but conservative on law-and-order issues. As president, most scholars and experts agree he has governed as a c ( Full Answer )

Is being gay liberal or conservative?

It doesn't matter whether you are gay or not, in order be consider yourself liberal or conservative. Usually, conservatives have more moral objections to homosexuality, whether it is openly displayed or not. Liberals tends to be a bit more open-minded when it comes to homosexuality. Of course there ( Full Answer )

Is FOX news liberal or conservative?

Fox News is run by Republicans/Conservatives, and is well-known as the unofficial media arm of the Republican party. However, it should be said that its newscasts, featuring such anchors as Shep Smith and Bret Baier, are widely praised for being fair to the facts. But the Fox commentators are in fac ( Full Answer )

Are protest songs liberal or conservative?

This will depend upon what is being protested. In general, protests against war, violence and discrimination will tend to be liberal while protests against taxation, government spending and government regulations tend to be conservative.

Was Franklin D Roosevelt liberal moderate or conservative?

FDR was liberal....Probably the first true "left-wing" presidents. This is true because of the New Deal which provided government intervention in the economy.....Not to go off on a political rant, but in truth, the New Deal worsened the depression.

Was George W. Bush a liberal conservative or moderate?

Bush was clearly a moderat LIBERAL. He would probably be considered a traditional liberal, because of his disatrous ultra-liberal economic policies, and his Neo-con stance on foreign policy, which is traditionally farily liberal. However, he was fairly right on social issues and so he would probably ( Full Answer )

Is Florida a conservative or liberal state?

Overall, it is a purple state (a mixture of liberals and conservatives) if you go down south to Miami and etc, it is more liberal. if you go up north to penscola, jacksonville and etc, its more conservatives

How is a conservative different than a liberal?

Conservative Is mainly wealthy landowners and nobles who wanted To preserve The traditional monarchies of europe... A liberal Is made mainly middle-class business leaders & merchants sho wanted more political power To elect parliaments

Was Herbert Hoover a liberal or a conservative?

Hoover was liberal because while he believed that the poor couldn't be helped very much by government, he felt bad watching them starve due to the economic collapse he supported. . other than opposed to cheering as conservatives do now. . After the stock market crash of 1929, Hoover took a hand-of ( Full Answer )

Is orrin hatch conservative or moderate?

A lot depends on your definitions. Many people consider Orrin to be a bit of an enigma...he will claim conservative, but then vote for big government programs like the Patriot Act, SCHIP, 16 debt ceiling increases, Medicare Part D, TARP, and sponsoring the Dream Ac. He did some conservative things o ( Full Answer )

Is Mitt Romney conservative or liberal?

Mitt Romney is a moderate liberal. He has conservative views but iswilling to listen to the people and compromise to find a solutionthat most people can be happy with. Romney did well on the first debate against Barack Obama. Sadly,however, as of the end of the 2012 Republican presidential primarys ( Full Answer )

Is Mitt Romney a Conservative liberal or moderate?

Mitt Romney is a moderate conservative. He has conservative views but is willing to listen to the people and compromise to find a solution that most people can be happy with. . It depends on when you ask and who asks him. He is whatever he thinks the people that he is with at the moment want him t ( Full Answer )

Is the Brookings Institute Liberal or conservative?

I believe the only reason the Brookings Institute has a liberal label to it, is because its the only non-conservative think tank around so by that standard they appear to lean left.

How can liberal and conservative be ambiguous?

The terms liberal and conservative don't always correctly describe a person's opinions. People may be liberal or conservative to different degrees. Severe believers may call moderate believers as part of the opposite political group. The difference of the meaning of liberalism and conservatism in di ( Full Answer )

Is MS NBC liberal or conservative?

Actually, it is neither. In fact, the answer to this question depends on when you are watching. While its detractors (those who dislike it) want to say it is totally liberal, that is not accurate. MSNBC is actually two stations-- during the day, it is quite different from how it is during the evenin ( Full Answer )

Who is smarter liberals or conservatives?

To be specific, liberals are smarter than conservatives. Liberalsfocus more on actual education while conservatives care too muchabout their so called "traditional beliefs."

Was Hitler liberal or conservative?

He used ideals from both sides. He believed in universal health care, and strong government control like liberals but he also believed in a strong military and hated labor unions like conservatives. Also, Hitler used religion to help his cause and more conservatives are religious than liberals.

Is Barack Obama a conservative or a liberal?

Actually, he is neither. Most of his political opponents want you to believe he is a liberal (which to them is something negative); but the truth is he has governed as a centrist Democrat, leaning slightly to the left on social issues, and slightly to the right on certain foreign policy issues.

Is Reno a conservative or liberal city?

Reno is a conservative city. However, it went to Barack Obama in2008 and 2012 because John McCain and Mitt Romney were notconservatives at all. They are not much better than Barack Obama. It also went to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016. However,there were reports of election fraud in Washo ( Full Answer )