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Is Obama liberal conservative or moderate?

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While his political opponents insist he is liberal (which to them is something bad), the truth is that whether as a senator or as the president, Mr. Obama has generally been a moderate or a centrist, leaning somewhat to the left on social issues and somewhat to the right on certain foreign policy issues.

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What is the correct order of liberal moderate conservative?

liberal, moderate, conservative

What party does Obama represent?

President Obama is a Democrat. He would probably be considered a moderate Democrat (as opposed to a liberal or a conservative Democrat).

Put these positions in order from left to right?

liberal conservative reactionary liberal, moderate, conservative.

Is David Ignatius conservative or liberal?


Is it possible to be both a liberal and a conservative at the same time?

NoAdded: Not in the STRICTEST sense of the definitions. However you could be a Conservative with liberal views on some subjects (often referred to as a "Moderate" Conservative") or you could be a Liberal with conservative views on some subjects (identified as a "Moderate" Liberal).

Put these positions in order from left to right moderate conservative liberal?

Liberal, Conservative, & Reactionary. (answer from APEX Learning)

Is Kentucky a liberal or conservative state?

Kentucky is conservative in rural and eastern areas but moderate liberal in Louisville and Lexington.

Is President Obama a conservative?

No. He is quite liberal

Is ABC liberal or conservative?

When it comes to issues concerning Obama they are conservative.

Is the American independent party known to be conservative or liberal?


Was John F. Kennedy a liberal conservative or moderate?

JFK was a very liberal Democrat

A moderate is a person who believes a little bit of both conservative and liberal ideals?

Many people fall somewhere in the middle in their beliefs. They are neither strictly conservative or completely liberal and may be moderate.

Is Barack Obama a liberal or conservative?

Barack Obama is a centrist. Liberals, like the Socialists and Green Party, decry Obama's use of SuperPAC money, his failures in human rights, and his support for the military industrial complex. In most European countries President Obama would be considered a moderate conservative.

What is the difference between a liberal conservative and a conservative liberal?

haha this is a good question... If the person is a moderate, it just depends on what party they want to be identified with. Another reason might be that if someone is a moderate and they voted for Bush over Kerry in 2004, they might consider themselves as a liberal conservative and vice versa.

What is the difference between conservative Republican moderate Republican and liberal Republican?

Liberal repudlicans are more like blue dog democrats. Moderate repudlican and conservative republicans believe in less government and less taxes.

What political group sees the value of both liberal and conservative positions?


What is the following political parties Green Party Christian Democratic People's PartyRadical Free Democratic PartySocial Democratic PartySwiss People's Party Is it a liberal or conservative?

Green Party - green, left liberal -> in America: left part of Dems Christian Democratic People's Party - centrist (moderate conservative) -> moderate Dems Radical Free Democratic Party - right liberal (pro business, social liberal) -> moderate Dems Swiss People Party - national conservative, right-wing-populist -> moderate Reps

If you are a moderate are you both conservative and liberal?

It means you can go with either. Like being in the middle. There are issues you can be very absolute on and are conservative, but there are also issues that are important liberal ideas that there is an agreement with.

Which ideology opposes increasing government programs to solve social problems?

Moderate Conservative liberal

Where each of the candidates on the political spectrum concerning the issues?

John McCain is Conservative Barack Obama is Liberal Hilary Clinton is Liberal

Is snopes a liberal or conservative website?

It is no doubt very liberal and full of many inacurrate lies. They cover up for Barrack Obama

Was George W. Bush Moderate or Conservative or Liberal?

George W Bush is a liberal Republican. A true conservative would never have worked with Teddy Kennedy on anything. He spent like a drunken sailor....a true liberal trait

Who are the moderate US Supreme Court justices?

Anthony Kennedy probably comes closest to being moderate; the rest are either solidly liberal or solidly conservative.

Is Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr a liberal or a moderate?

Neither. Chief Justice Roberts is a conservative.

How do you use the word liberal in a sentence?

The man had a liberal frame of mindBill Clinton's political style demonstrated liberal social views, but conservative financial.The second female justice is considered to be a moderate liberal.