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Is PS3 a product of Sony or Nintendo?

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The PS3 is one of Sony's products.

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The PS3 is a product of what?


Can you use wii microphone on ps3?

No Nintendo and Sony are totally different makers!

Who made the PS3 console?

Sony makes PS3Microsoft makes Xbox 360and Nintendo makes Wii.

What are the companies competing against Nintendo?

Sony(Ps3, PsP,Ps2) and Microsoft(Xbox360)

Can you use the new Sony wireless headset and a wired headset on your ps3?

If it is a sony product its bound to work

Wll PS3 singstar microphones work with PS3 rock band?

Probably not, as Singstar is a Sony product and Rock Band is a EA product.

Will the rock band ps3 guitar work on wii?

No. Sony and Nintendo don't work with eachother.

Is Super Mario Brothers available for PS3 also?

no it's only supported by Nintendo not Sony.

Is super smaes brawl PS3?

no because Super Smash Bros. is Nintendo and PS3 is Sony so unless you can hack your PS3 to play WII games you cant.

Why don't they make a Pokemon game for the PS2 and PS3?

Pokemon is one of Nintendo's strongest assets. imagine the money sony would make. sony is Nintendo's rival, and Nintendo would not help them. basically, Nintendo own Pokemon, not sony

Is grand theft auto china town wars on ps3?

No, I wish it was. It is on Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

Will Littlebigplanet be on Wii?

No it will probly never ever come out for wii and other systems that SONY does not own. it like saying will Mario kart come out for the ps3?No because NINTENDO made it and will use it on their product only.and like HALO coming out for Wii and for PS3

Which is better a PS3 or a Nintendo DSi?

This is a tough decision because a Sony PS3 has better graphics than a Nintendo Dsi and you can play games online with people and Nintendo Dsi you cant. But the Nintendo Dsi is a portable gaming system and it has a camera and you download the free web browser on Nintendo Dsi. My opinion is get the NintendoDsi. I'm not sure. I think I go for the PS3.If you have a Nintendo DSi you can't play gameboy advance games. so then just get ps3

Which company made the PS3?

sony its called the sony ps3

Which is better the Nintendo 64 or the sony ps3?

It's the Nintend0 64 that's better. Well, that's my opinion.

Is Nintendo better than Sony?

This is not an opinion, this is a fact: Nintendo is better then sony, because Nintendo have made more money then sony, the ps2 was more popular then the Nintendo gamecube but the wii and the ds beat the ps3 and psp by miles 1. the ds light made more money then the ps3 and psp sales combined 2. the wii made more money then the ps3 ad xbox360 probably because the wii is a family thing. This is just for fact this shouldn't change your' opinion, at the end of the day it's what you like more.

Who owns PS3?

Sony PlayStation 3 is a product of Sony Computer Entertainment of Sony. They own the digital rights, the copyright and basically any right of the console as the parent.

Will there be any Pokemon games on PS3?

there won't be any Pokemon games on ps3 as Nintendo own the rights to Pokemon and wouldn't sell them to sony or Microsoft. but it would be cool

Is modnation racers coming out in wii?

It's on PS3, You expect Sony to release any of their games on a console made by Nintendo?

Who is the maker of the Sony PS3?


How does a Nintendo DSi XL differ from a Sony PlayStation Portable?

The Sony Playstation Portable (or PSP) does not have a touchscreen like the Nintendo DSi XL and the other devices in the Nintendo DS product line. Also, all Nintendo DS products has two screens and a digital camera.

Does the Sony PS3 upconvert DVD?

Yes, the Sony PS3 does upscale DVDs.

Who was the creator of the PS3?

A person from the SONY team.. PS3 is owned by SONYnot Microsoft

Who came first Nintendo or Sony?

Nintendo came first then sony and then the first xbox


Sony was the inventor of the PS3.

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