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yes, they are his children


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Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, she is 11 years old and the sister of Prince Michael Joeseph Jackson I and the half sister of Prince Michael joeseph Jackson II aka Blanket. Her mother is Debbie Rowe.

No Michael Jackson had 2 sons: Prince Michael I - 12 yrs old and Prince Michael II (known as Blanket) 7 yrs old and one daughter Paris Katherine Jackson 11 yrs old

Prince Michael Jackson I, Paris Kathrine Jackson, Prince(Blanket)Michael Jackson II

His nickname is Blanket, his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

Michael Jackson had three children; Prince Michael Paris Katherine Prince Michael II (Blanket)

Michael Jackson has a son named Prince Michael Jackson II. It is widely reported that the child's nickname is blanket.

Michael Joseph Jackson (Prince), Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael II (Blanket).

The youngest child for Michael Jackson is Prince 'Blanket' Jackson.

Yes Prince Jackson and blanket

Michael Jackson's son Prince Michael Jackson I is 17years old. His daughter Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is 16 years old. His son Prince Michael Jackson II, also known as "Blanket," is 12 years old.

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson.Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II (Blanket).

Blanket is a boy, his name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II.

Prince Michael Jackson has brown eyes Paris has blue eyes and Prince Michael Jackson 2 "blanket" has brown eyes.

no! Michael's sons name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. ( eldest ) and Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a blanket ( youngest )

Yes. Prince, Paris & Blanket

No, he has two, Prince and Blanket.

His Children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

Prince Michael Jackson is his son with ex wife Debbie Rowe. Paris Katherine Jackson is his daughter with ex wife Debbie Rowe. Prince Michael Jackson II "Blanket" is his son with an unnamed surrogate mother. Their grandmother Katherine Jackson is now their legal guardian.

Blanket is legally known as Prince Michael Jackson, Prince (the older boy) is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, unless Michael changed his name Blanket is the only one with Prince Michael on his birth certificate so they do have different names.

Michael Jackson's three children - Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (Blanket)

Prince Michael Jackson ll was born in San Diego, California at Sharpe Grossmont Hospital to Mr. Michael Jackson.

He was alone. Jackson is survived by his three children: Prince Michael Jackson I, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II. His Doctor Conrad Murray was with him according to the 911 call!

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. I (Prince) Is his son Michael Joseph Jackson Jr II (Blanket) is his 3rd Kid and his son also. The child between them is Paris Katherine Michael Joseph Jackson

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (As commonly known as Prince), and Prince Michael Jackson ll (As commonly known as Blanket)

3 Prince. Paris, and Blanket

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