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Is Pepsi max an alkaloid?

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Pepsi Max is a drink. The Pepsi Max is the biggest ride in blackpool The height you have to be is 130cm

Pepsi Max was created in 1993.

A Pepsi max has 1 calorie in it! 

Pepsi Pepsi Diet also called Pepsi Light Pepsi Max

0 calories in Pepsi max. Just a ton of caffeine.

How long does it take for pepsi max to finish

No Carbs in Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max

there is no sugar in pepsi max but it has all those fake sugars and colorings

pepsi max which is not launched yet.

Yes, It affects your body if you drink 1 bottle of pepsi max everyday.

pepsi max has double the caffine and aspartame instead of high fructose corn syrup, resulting in it having zero calories

at 1 point of the pepsi max big one it goes 89mph

no max has mor wat mor caffene and no calories so if you want a caffine buz drinl max

The Pepsi Max ( The Big One ) is 235 ft holding its crown as the highest ride in Europe above Stealth. Some may disagree but It's Defiitely Pepsi Max!

in a 250ml can of pepsi max can there is 1 calorie

Pepsi Max - North America - was created in 2007.

Pepsi-Max: 1.3417% Pepsi: 0.4532% Difference occurs as Pepsi is more dense than Pepsi max and so therefore it has more soluble compounds and ions in it that affect the amount of carbon dioxide that can dissolve in it.

i really don't t5hink it is healthy for you nether is diet pepsi

If it's Pepsi Max, then there is no sugar.

pepsi, pepsi wild cherry, pepsi vanilla, pepsi cherry vanilla, pepsi throwback, pepsi diet, diet pepsi cherry, diet pepsi cherry vanilla, diet pepsi vanilla, and pepsi max are some types of pepsi drinks

If in doubt leave it out

The answer is absolutely NO.

When talking about a 12oz can of soda Pepsi Max has 69 mg of caffeine, Coke Zero has 34mg.

I am a diabetic myself and i am slightly affended by what you but the pepsi max is a ride at blackpool how on earth could it be related to diabetes do you even know what diabetes is. Answer No, diabetes is a metabolic disease and Pepsi Max would neither cause it nor cure it.

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