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Is Pokemon good?

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This is a matter of opinion, and the answer will depend on each person's preference. Please use the discussion page if you would like to debate the merits of Pokemon. Pokemon is good if you play it on a video game.

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Is jirachi a good pokemon?

to me its a good pokemon just train it then its good

Are Pokemon good?

Pokemon are pocket monsters that can be good some times or not but Pokemon are your friends

What is a good water Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

articuno is a good water and ice pokemon.

Is sandslash a good Pokemon?

It is a pretty good pokemon with good attack and defense

Is drapion a good Pokemon?

Depends what Pokemon you are facing but unless you are facing a psychic or fire Pokemon, Drapion's good defence makes it a good Pokemon.

What Pokemon are good against steel?

Good against steel Pokemon are fire and water Pokemon.

What is good against electric Pokemon?

Earth and water Pokemon are good against electric Pokemon.

What Pokemon should be on a Pokemon Pearl good team?

A good Pokemon team would consist of different types of Pokemon.

Is haunter a good Pokemon?

Yes, Haunter is a very good Pokemon

Is Scizor a good Pokemon?

Yes it is a very good Pokemon c:

Where can you find a good Pokemon game?

gamestop Pokemon platnums good.

Is Pokemon a very good show?

Of Course, Pokemon is a very good show. Many People love Pokemon. Me, I like Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon is flying good against?

Flying type Pokemon are good against normal Pokemon.

What is fire Pokemon good against?

Fire Pokemon are good against grass and bug type Pokemon.

Is Yanmega a good Pokemon?

it is actually a good Pokemon if you have 1 then you will just destroy Psychic type Pokemon

Is solrock a good Pokemon?

It is quite subjective as to whether or not Solrock is a good Pokemon. Most would not consider it to be a good Pokemon for competitive play.

What is a good Pokemon RPG?

Pokemon TPPC Pokemon Indigo Pokemon Crater/Battle Arena Pokemon Moon A good Pokemon rpg might be Pokemon Indigo or Pokemon Crater. But Pokemon Crater has been shut down.

What is a good water Pokemon?

A good water Pokemon is Gyarados. Or, if your looking for newer pokemon, try Samurott, or Seismitoad.

What is a good Pokemon for your set?

A good Pokemon is a Pokemon with balanced stats not overlly offensive or defensive just equal.

What are some GOOD Pokemon games?

Pokemon pearl is best. good luck.

What is a good Pokemon adventure game for Wii?

There is no such thing as a good Pokemon game.

What is good against normal Pokemon?

fighting is good against normal Pokemon

Where can you find a good Pokemon RPG online?

Pokemon lake is a good game and tppc is also quite good and you could consider Pokemon omega

Is breloom a good Pokemon?

Breloom is a good Pokemon because it has high hp and it can learn good moves

Is this a good team for Pokemon Pearl?

what pokemon do you have?