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=Yes, Quartz is found in Switzerland.=

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Is quartz found in Nevada?

Mostly quartz is found in California, but yes quartz can be found in Nevada.

What part of the world does quartz come from?

Switzerland, I think.

Is quartz found in Wisconsin?

Yes quartz is found in Wisconsin.

What countries is quartz found in?

Quartz can be found in the countries such as Madagascar, Brazil, United States and India. Quartz is common and can be found in numerous localities.

Where is quartz found in the world?

White quartz, often quite massive is found in schists. Clear quartz crystals I have found in sedimentary rocks.

Which minerals can be found with quartz?

Many minerals are found in association with the mineral quartz.

Why are many metallic ores found associated with quartz?

Many metallic ores that are found are associated with quartz because they are often found within veins of quartz. The metals are then separated from the crushed quartz ore.

What is an fact about quartz?

Quartz has been found on the moon!

How many countries in the world is quartz found in?

quartz is found in all of the countries including the us.

What city is quartz found?

Quartz is found in most places on earth since it is a mineral that is abundant.

Can quartz be found in the ocean?

Sand is often composed of quartz.

In which layer of the Earth is Quartz found?

Quartz is mainly found in and on the surface of the continental crust. Quartz is igneous, so of course it originates from somewhere within the crust. Quartz is one of the most common minerals found in beach sand.

Would You find fossils in quartz?

Quartz is a mineral not a rock. Fossils can be found associated with quartz in sedimentary rock not inside the quartz.

Are other gems found near quartz deposits?

Many other minerals are found in association with quartz.

When was quartz first found?

it was found in the in eroup

Is quartz found in granite?

Quartz will probably be found in most igneous and metamorphic rocks. Granite is a classic example of a rock with quartz in it. Search for images of "granite." Quartz sandstone is another rock practically made entirely up of quartz.

What kind of rock is quartz?

technically, quartz is not a rock. it is a mineral. quartz can be found in any type of rock

Where is a quartz found?

Quartz is an abundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust

Where is rose quartz found?

Rose quartz is found in Madagascar, India, Germany, and several localities in the USA, most notably in South Dakota. Currently, a lot of rose quartz has been excavated in Brazil, where the only current source of true, well-formed crystals of rose quartz can be found. Rose quartz can be found in cores of pegmatites.

Where is smoky quartz found?

Smoky quarts is a greyish-brownish type of quarts that occurs naturally in some parts of the world. Some sources of smoky quartz are in Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar, Australia, Scotland, Switzerland, and in New Hampshire and Colorado in the United States.

Can quartz be found in Illinois?


How is quartz extracted from the earths crust?

Quartz is usually found in mines and is often found in sedimentary rocks such as sandstone.

What rock is quartz found in?

quartz can be found in different kinds of rocks-for example it can be found in granite, metamorphic rocks. hope this helped. by Karina

Is quartz igneous?

Quartz is a mineral that is found in all three rock types.

What minerals can be found in quartz?

Quartz is a mineral. You cant find other minerals "in" it.