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No, XPCleaner is Malware . To clean the malware,uninstall it, delete the registry files manually after disabling System restore and restarting the the computer.

If you are not sure to delete files in the registry,just run a free scan wih AVG Trial or

microsoft free antivirus software

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How do you clear the registry in Windows XP?

download registry cleaner to clean up registry erros from your windows xp.

How much does a registry cleaner for xp cost?

A registry cleaner for Microsoft Windows XP costs $39.95. Designed to operate on the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System, a registry cleaner has been widely debated by experts, who claim it is unnecessary and useless.

What are the best ways to fix XP registry?

I'd recommend you Registry Cleaner Security Stronghold - the best way to fix xp registry. It has 21 level cleaning. Fixes registry errors.

What is the registry defender computer virus?

Registry Defender virus is a fake registry cleaner and rogue registry repair application advertised via a trojan horse virus. It can significantly slow down your computer and internet.

If a virus destroys some of windows registry files Can it be repair with registry cleaner?

I think so.But before you take advantage of a registry cleaner to repair the error, you first need to remove the virus using an anti-virus program. Or it will infect your computer again.Registry cleaner are said to be able to clean and fix more found registry errors, and those errors, are not divided into categories.You are recommended to download some popular registry cleaner or system optimizer on download sites and give them a try.

How do you recover corrupted Windows xp?

Registry cleaner is the best way to clean windows registry cluttered with errors and invalid files. Click on the below link to download registry cleaner which will also help you to speed up your PC. .

Does Windows XP Registry Cleaner contain adware?

The download from Windows XP Registry Cleaner is 100% free of adware, spyware, and viruses. As long as this program is downloaded from a reputable site such as Microsoft or CNET, then there should be no concerns regarding the addition of adware to the download.

How do you heal worm vb32 virus?

use anti virus avast and also use registry cleaner reg in out

When system file is corrupted then what registry cleaner do. Does registry cleaner repair or remove it?

First of all windows xp registry cleaner scans n finds all those files that r corrupted after that it deletes all corrupted n unnecessary files from our pc.

Can registry cleaner repair windows registry file which is damaged by virus or other reason?

Yes, most quality registry cleaners will be able to identify problematic/corrupted files in the computer registry and help you either repair them or delete them to fix the problem. There are registry cleaner review sites online to help you find the best registry cleaner for your needs.

Is registry cleaner accommodating to boost up your PC?

Registry cleaner is accommodating if you want to boost up your PC. It will help when it comes to keeping it clean. Having a virus scanner will help, too.

When i open my hard drive i get this message is open with dialogue box how can you fix this problem?

you have a virus , use avast anti virus to clean it and then clean ur registry using reg in out registry cleaner

Speed Up Your Computer with Windows XP Registy Cleaner?

No matter how conscientiously an individual uses their computer, a growing number of unnecessary and even malicious entries are likely to build up in the Windows XP registry over time. Although you can certainly try to clean up the your Windows registry on your own, the truth of the matter is that it is incredibly easy to destabilize or even crash your computer if you delete the wrong item. Thankfully, there are several great Windows XP registry cleaners availabe that take all of the guess work out of cleaning up your Windows registry. Let’s take an inside look at what the average computers user needs to know about how a Windows XP registry cleaner works and why they should use one on their computer. The primary reason that most computer users use a Windows XP registry cleaner is to speed up their computer. The majority of the unnecessary entries that build up in a Windows registry over the years are completely benign, but these unnecessary entries can have significantly impact your computer’s speed after a while. By using a reputable Windows XP registry cleaner, you will find that your computer loads up much more quickly and that your computer’s overall performance improves dramatically. At the same time, a Windows XP registry cleaner is capable of removing the handful of malicious entries that may be present in your Windows registry so that the security of your computer system and personal information is not compromised. A Windows XP registry cleaner operates by searching a particular computer’s Windows registry and identifying each and every entry. These programs are able to determine which entries need to remain in the registry and which can be removed. In most cases, a Windows XP registry cleaner will run flawlessly and allow an individual to speed up their computer without a single problem. However, individuals who have a very cluttered registry might want to make a backup of their system in the unlikely event that the program misidentifies an entry and destabilizes their computer. Some of the leading Windows XP registry cleaners on the market include jv16 PowerTools, Registry First Aid, and RegSupreme. There are also some free registry cleaners like RegSeeker available that have a respected reputation.

What is the recommended product for a Windows XP registry cleaner?

A couple recommended products would be, jv16 PowerTools, Registry First Aid, and RegSupreme. These three commercial cleaners leave your registry squeaky clean.

What is the functionality of registry cleaner?

The functionality of a registry cleaner is to optimize Windows registry, remove unwanted entries from registry, and fix errors caused by the registry.

How do you fix your whole registry with Registry Mechanic?

I'd rather use Registry Cleaner from Security Stronghold. 21 level cleaning. Works on 32 as well as on 64 bit systems. Both Windows XP and Vista.

How can you open the registry editor in Windows XP?

Start > Run > Registry Editor > Windows XP

How do you rewrite registry in Windows xp?

You can rewrite registry settings Windows XP using the Regedit.exe tool. Registry files in XP are stored in this location: Windows\System32\Config

How effective is a freeware registry cleaner at cleaning the registry on your computer?

A freeware registry cleaner is very effective at cleaning the registry on your computer. They can completely clean out a registry easy and it is safe.

Is it necessary to uninstall antivirus to use registry cleaner?

No. However, some anti-virus programs can detect registry cleaners as threats. Use registry cleaners at your own risk. They can delete legitimate registry cleans, thus breaking your system.

When you start using registry cleaner your computer restarts?

That is an indication that there is a virus or something that prevents you from cleaning the registry. Better to do an virus scan and if that does not help then there is no recourse but to back up your files then do a reformat of the hard disk to really clean it. You can also try to boot from another source like a CD and then clean your registry and do virus scanning.

I want to know that what exactly a Registry Error is and is there any easy way to fix this problem?

Registry error occurs when we fail to uninstall a software n that program leave behind its links.The best way to remove these registry errors is to get windows xp registry cleaner.

What is the max registry cleaner?

The Max Registry Cleaner is a Windows registry optimizer tool. Max Registry Cleaner can help boost a computers speed, fix errors and cleans system clutter, prevents crashes and freezes, and has registry defragment and backup.

What is the best free registry cleaner?

Here are some best free registry cleaners:CCleanerNinja TuneUpEusing Free Registry CleanernCleaner secondAuslogics Registry CleanerWise Registry Cleaner3PC DecrapifierEmpty Temp Folder

How many people are aware about registry cleaner?

People are not much aware of windows registry and its importance. but most of the people who uses computer, are aware of registry errors and their problems. So, they try different software to clean and get out of this problem and ultimately they use registry cleaner and get aware of its benefits. So, we all know that registry cleaner is the perfect solution of registry errors and registry easy is perfect software for downloading registry cleaner.

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