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Is Russia going to start World War 3?

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world war 3 how do we know that theres gonna be a world war 3 and we cant be sure that Russia is gonna start it can we lets just wait till the future and we can see then. we just dont know! Probably.

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The Communists seized power in Russia in 1917 (World War 1).

The War began when a German assassinated a russia political man The War began when a German assassinated a russia political man

I think it will start off as RUSSIA or CHINA nuking USA

Well Germany and Russia were allies from 1939-1941

Russia and France were the original allies of England at the start of World War 1. However as the war went on Italy joined England when Germany wasn't going to win in 1917/18 The United States also.

Japan had fought a war with Russia and had invaded Manchuria prior to the start of World War II.

Russia joined world war 1 in 1914

No Russia did not surrender in world war II

Communism first started or developed in Russia after the end of World War 1. The embarrassing defeat in World War 1 caused those in power to switch from the monarchy to communism.

Then World war 3 will start if they started to fight.

If Russia and the United States start fighting with each other so yes, World war 3 can break out in reallife. In that war, there will be no winner so let's pray that World war 3 will never start.

No. Russia isn't exactly America's best friend at the moment, but they're not going to start a possibly nuclear war over it.

When Russia entered the First World War in 1914, they were still under the monarchy of Tsar Nicholas II, however, he was overthrown in 1917 by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks.

World War 1 Germany invaded Russia in 1917 after Russia backed out of the war. World War 2 Germany invaded Russia during the Second World War on June 22, 1941 Operation Barbarossa

Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia in World War 2.

it was 1918 that was the year russia left world war 1

Vladimir Lenin took Russia out of World War 1.

of course they could... but really, anyone nation could possibly start wwIII

World War III has not yet started. As a result, it has no definitive start date. There is also no conflict going on in the world that is likely to become a World War in the near future.

Tsar Nicholas II of the imperial Romanov line.

Vladimir Lenin was the leader of Russia when it pulled out of World War 1. He and Leon Trotsky negotiated the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, which took Russia out of the war.

russia was helping in the world so Britain was backing russia in the war

Vladimir Lenin is the leader who wanted to get Russia out of World War 1.

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