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Is Russian revolution a marxist revolution?

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Yes, It was based off the ideas of Karl Marx and Communism


The second Russian Revolution, the November of Bolshevik Revolution, was to instate communism. The first, the March Revolution, was to force the czar out of power and create a democracy.

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Who was the Marxist leader of the Russian Revolution?

Vladimir Lenin

What was a result of the russian revolution?

The result of the Russian Revolution was that the monarchy was overthrown. A Marxist - Leninist government was instituted in 1917. It lasted until 1991.

How did Leon Trotsky come to power?

Leon Trotsky was a Russian Marxist and founder of the Red Army. He rose to power because he had a strong army during the Russian Revolution and was well liked within the Marxist party.

The Bolsheviks were radical Russian Marxist revolutionaries?

Yes, Radical Russian Marxist revolutionaries were known as the Bolsheviks.

How remarkable was the Russian revolution?

how remarkable was the Russian revolution ? how remarkable was the Russian revolution ?

Who was Vladimir Lenin what did he do?

Lenin was a Russian revolutionary who was a major contributor to the development of Marxist theory and was the leader of the Bolsheviks. He was the Premier of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic after the October Revolution in 1917 until his death in January 1924.

What impact did Karl Marx had with the Russian revolution?

We must be clear that when speaking of the Russian revolution, there are two possibilities. One was the women's day revolution leading into the Kerensky provisional government, or the one that soon followed: the so-called "October Revolution". Usually, when referring to the Russian Revolution, the Lenin-lead October Revolution is implied. Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto which described the Marxist communist political ideology. This ideology was the one that revolutionaries Lenin and Trotsky wanted to implement in the Russian society with the Russian revolution. Marxism was however not fully adopted. Lenin made alterations to the ideology and created Leninist Marxist Communism, usually reffered to only as Leninism. Leninism stipulates that the armed revolution Marx predicted would not be successful unless guided by a revolutionary elite. Marx had stated that the revolution would simply erupt as a natural response to evils inherent in class-based societies, and did not seem to think that Lenin's guidance was needed. However, Marx's impact on the Russian revolution was purely in ideology. Marx took no active part in the revolution, as he was dead at the time of it (1917)

When did Leon Trotsky begin to inform his fellow revolutionaries that a communist regime in Russia could not survive without help?

It was within the Russian Revolution of 1905 that Leon Trotsky began writing his idea that a communist or a Marxist regime in Russia would not last without an ally. Because of the poor industrial strength of Russia and its lack of a real trade union working force, Trotsky was hoping that a Marxist revolution, ideally in Germany . Thus with the help of an advanced industrial power such as Germany, a Russian Marxist regime would receive the help needed to prevent a counter revolution in Russia.

In what Russian city did the Russian Revolution begin?


Which Russian led the Bolsheviks in the Russian revolution?

Vladimir Lenin led the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution of the Russian Revolution.

Who was the ruler of the Russian Revolution?

i was the ruler of the russian revolution

How was the Russian Revolution of 1905 different from the Russian Revolution of 1917?

The Russian Revolution of 1905 led to limits on the czar's power, but the Russian Revolution of 1917 ended the czarist system altogether.

What was another name for the Bolshevik revolution in Russian?

the Russian Revolution The October Revolution and the Communist Revolution are others.

What type of government was established after Lenin came to power in Russia?

Lenin's marxism. a communist country with a twist from V.I Lenin. the Russian Revolution was a proletariate movement with Marxist communist ideals

In which country did the first marxist revolution take place?


How did the Russian Revolution end?

The Russian Revolution ended when the Romanov dynasty was overthrown. The Russian Revolution began in 1905 and ended in 1917.

What happened after the Russian Revolution?

After the Russian Revolution the Soviet Union formed

Did the us enter the Russian revolution?

no the us did not enter the Russian revolution

How did the Russian Civil War impact the Russian Revolution?

The Civil War wiped out all opposition to the Bolshevik rule that was established in the October Revolution. Right after the revolution, the Bolshevik's grip on power was still shaky with even other Marxist organizations opposed to them. By winning the Civil War the Bolsheviks eliminated both political and military opposition to what they were doing and firmly entrenched them in power.

The opposing of Czar led to the frnch revolution?

The opposing of the Russian Czar led to the Russian Revolution, the death of the Russian monarchy, and the establishment of the Russian Communist State. The French had nothing to do with the Russian Revolution.

What Marxist leader overthrew the post-Czar Russian government?


Marxist group seeking to change Russia through revolution?


What role did Italy play in the Russian revolution?

Italy was not involved in the Russian Revolution.

What of the following was not true at the time of the Russian Revolution?

The Russian Revolution never happened. :)

How was the Russian Revolution of 1905 different from the RussianRevolution of 1917?

The Russian Revolution of 1905 led to limits on the czar's power, but the Russian Revolution of 1917 ended the czarist system altogether.

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