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Is Santa Claus a real person?

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yes i think if you believe in him he is real only or you and the other kids .....but if you dont believe in santa he wont be real for you and other kids who dont.

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When did Santa Claus get married?

Santa Claus is not a real person

Is Santa Claus real pictures?

All pictures and photographs--of anyone--is just a representation of that person. The person is real, just like Santa Claus is real.

Was Santa Claus a real person?

Yes, Saint Nicholas was.

Is Santa Claus and his wife real?

Yes,Santa Claus and his wife is real.

Did coca cola make Santa Claus?

No, Santa is a real person that gives you presents

Who desidned the character'' Santa Claus''?

Well first of all Santa is real and he is not a character but a real person.

Is Mrs. Claus real?

If Santa Claus is married then Mrs. Claus is real.If Santa is then I guess she is too.

Where can one find videos of the real Santa Claus?

One can find videos of the 'real' Santa Claus on YouTube. One can also find videos of the 'real' Santa Claus on the websites History, Santa Television and Santa Claus Live.

Is Santa Claus is real or fake?

Santa Claus is the spirate of christmas

Was there ever a Santa Claus and is he alive?

Santa Claus is not real,he is a myth.

Why do people say Santa Claus is real?

Santa Claus IS REAL!!! They say he is real because he is and people have met him. And my children get letters from him that he actually signed. Please believe in Santa Claus!

Is Santa Claus real in France?

Yes, Virginia, there is a French Santa Claus.

Who is actually Santa Claus?

no body. santa Claus is not real he is a myth.there is no such thing

Is the Santa Claus dollar real?

the santa claus dollar is real. if you were a million air than you will get a santa claus dollar. did you know that nobody has ever bought the santa claus dollar in the world! they stopped making them in 1946.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

santa is real

Is Santa Claus real and how can you answer?

santa does exist

Who is Santa Claus and why did that person become Santa Claus?

santa is called pere noel and he's not real but the children put hay and carrots in the shoes for the reindeer but did santa give presents long ago? NO CUZ HE'S NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!! DAH!!!!!!!!

Is Santa clows real yes or no?

Santa Claus is real - YES he is real.

Does Santa Claus work on a farm?

No and please do not ask anymore about Santa Claus he is not real and there is no way to prove he is real

What is the real Santa Claus email?

"The real" Santa Claus? As in, the actual guy in the red suit, that "real Santa Claus?" Ask your parents. Better yet, send them your email and let them forward it appropriately.

Can you buy Santa Claus?

Not the real person, but you can certainly own all sorts of Santa toys and artwork and movies.

Is santa cluze real?

Yes I think Santa Claus is real

Is Santa Claus is really?

Yes! Santa Claus is really real ! He's magic!

What does the Christian Santa Claus bring in Israel.?

Nothing. Santa Claus isn't real.

Was there ever a real Santa Claus?

Yes santa is real and yes there still is a santa