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No, Saudi Arabia is different country from Kuwait.

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No, Saudi Arabia is different country from Kuwait.

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No. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are two separate countries.

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Q: Is Saudi Arabia in Kuwait
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What country is next to Kuwait?

Iraq and Saudi Arabia ...... only

Which country that gives to red sea is it Saudi Arabia or Kuwait?

Saudi Arabia

What countries are the most oil-rich in the middle east?

-Kuwait -UAE -Saudi Arabia

What is Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?

Saudi Arabbia and Kuwait are countries in middle east Asia.

What is south of Kuwait?

Saudi Arabia

Where is the biggest Oil field in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia?


What country is west of Kuwait?

Saudi ArabiaAnswer:Both Iraq and Saudi Arabia are on the western border of Kuwait

What are the four countries that are large oil producers in southwest Asia?

Saudi Arabia and Iran are two of the members.

What country in the middle east is an oil rich country?

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, and mostly countries east and south east of the Arabian peninsula.

Who were the first 5 founding members of OPEC?

Iraq ,Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait ,and Venezuela

What small Asian country is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq?

The State of Kuwait is the smallest country that is bordered by both Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Kuwait shares its southern border with Saudi Arabia and northern border with Iraq.

What country is south of Kuwait?

The country situated south of Kuwait is Saudi Arabia.