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Is Sean Connery Irish or Scottish?


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He is of three-fourths Scottish and one-fourth Irish ancestry (Irish paternal grandfather). He was born in Scotland.

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Scottisch = schottisch Haggis is a Scottish speciality = Haggis ist eine schottische Spezialität Scottish = Schotte Sir Sean Connery is Scottish Sir Sean Connery ist Schotte

Scottish actor Sir Thomas Sean Connery is 87 years old (birthdate: August 25, 1930).

The male given name can be Shon (a phonetic respelling), Sean, Shaun, or Shawn.These are all pronounced essentially the same, Sean being an Irish or Scottish pronunciation. (e.g. Sean Connery)

Scottish actor Sean Connery starred in his first James Bond film, Dr. No, in 1962.

Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery may come out of retirement for a film about a Scottish war veteran who won an epic battle with military bosses. See LINK below

Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery has had two (2) wives, Diane Cilento (1962-1973) and Micheline Roquebrune (1975-present).

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Yes. Sean Connery is alive.

Scottish Nationalist Party Sean Connery couldn't contribute to the SNP for a period when non-U.K. residents were restricted from donating to British political parties.

Yes, he plays Irish-American officer Jimmy Malone in The Untouchables.

isn't Sean connery dead

No. Actor Sean Connery is still alive.

Sean Connery's birth name is Thomas Sean Connery.

Sir Sean would be SO proud! -Yes, Connery IS an Irish name. First found around Galway Bay, where counties Galway and Clare meet, The Coat of Arms of the Connery family displays an opened book.

No Sean Connery do not a daughter, he have a son, an a grand son.

Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930.

Dr. No (1962-Sean Connery) From Russia With Love (1963-Sean Connery) Goldfinger (1964-Sean Connery)

As of 2012, the character of James Bond has been portrayed by one (1) Scottish actor, Sean Connery.

As of 2013 April, Sean Connery is still alive.

Sean Connery goes by Big Tam (as a teenager).

There are many famous Scottish celebrities. This includes Andrew Agnew, John Breslin, Gerard Butler, Robert Carlyle, and Sir Sean Connery.

Thomas Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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