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Selena Gomez is an only child

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It's landscapes, Its Mai Tais, Its Beaches, Its Mai Tais, The Hula, Its Mai Tais, Luaus, Its Mai Tais, Its Volcanoes, Its Mai Tais.

Tais Teng was born in 1952.

Washington Tais was born on 1972-12-21.

Tais-toi means "Shut up" or "Be quiet".

Tais-toi means 'shut up / be quiet' in French.

The cast of Tais-toi et creuse - 1998 includes: Jonathan Reyes

Bound together ,bright and pretty

Sois belle et tais-toi - 1958 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16

the words '... que j'étais' means '... that I was / ... who I was' in French. C'est l'homme que j'étais avant de te rencontrer' > this is the man I was before I met you. J'ai vu que j'étais perdu dans Londres > I saw that I was lost in London.

Tais-toi Ta gueule (this is a cuss word, but most people in france, mostly paris, cuss, but it's always better to say "tais-toi")

tu étais magnifique

Tais toi means shut up

"Be quiet! He's sick. Do you understand?" is a literal English equivalent of the French phrase Tais-toi! Il est malade. Tu comprends? The pronunciation will be "teh-twa ee-ley ma-lad tyoo ko-praw" in French.

I was = j'étais he was = il était

Episode 21 of Digimon Adventure.

In Irish (Gaelic) either tais or do leathcheann. In Scottish Gaelic, ..........

j'étais dans ta classe il y a longtemps /or/ il y a longtemps, j'étais dans ta classe. j'étais (imparfait) is I was (past tense with the meaning that the situation has ended)

Niam Tais - maternal grandmother Pog - paternal grandmother

Jules Dauendorffer has written: 'J'e tais un \\'

où es-tu allé / allée où étais-tu, où est-ce que tu étais (more familiar, but still correct)

Deadliest Catch - 2005 It's Not All Mai Tais and Yahtzee - 7.12 was released on: USA: 28 June 2011

"was" is translated "étais" or "était" depending of the person I was = j'étais (I was there since 8 in the morning = j'étais là depuis huit heures du matin) he was, she was = il était, elle était (he was sick = il était malade ; she was asleep = elle était endormie)

I was: j'étais he / she was: il /elle était

Lucien Biart has written: 'Quand j'e tais petit'

quand tu étais, quand vous étiez

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