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Is Shawn Michaels going to retire?

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Shawn Michael's has retired at WrestleMania 26

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Who is going to win at WrestleMania 26 the UnderTaker or Shawn Michaels?

Undertaker. He's going 20-0hen going to retire. He has too much pull in the industry. Shawn Michaeeady to retire a

Is Shawn Michaels going to TNA?

No, Shawn Michaels is not going to TNA. He retired at WrestleMania 26.

Who won wrestlemanis undertaker vs Shawn michaels?

At Wrestlemania XXVI Undertaker beat Shawn Michaels forcing him to retire.

When did Shawn Micheal retire?

he did not retire he screwed up and said u and me undertaker wrestle mania and Shawn michaels being as stupid as he is (in a good way ^_^) he imattated the undertaker and undertaker won against Shawn michaels (now undertaker is 16-0) so Shawn michaels lost and he had to quit

Will Shawn michaels retire at summer slam?

At Summer Slam on August 17, 2008, Shawn Michaels made his first appearance since The Great American Bash and stated that he will not retire.

When is Shawn Michaels going to be Champ again?

he might be champion again but only if his injured eye heals if not he might have to retire

When will Shawn Michaels retire?

Shawn Michaels will have a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. If The Undertaker wins Shawn Michaels will leave WWE. If Shawn Michaels wins he will have broken The Undertakers WrestleMania winning streak.It is rumored that Shawn Michaels will lose the match. Shawn Michaels is going to take some time off to hang out with the family, but he will return eventually, don't worry HBK fans. I mean look at JBL, he retired 3 times, but still came back.i think wrestlemania 26

Who won between Undertaker and hbk at WrestleMania 26?

I believe The Undertaker won :.( Can't believe Shawn Michaels had to retire there are also rumors that Shawn is going to TNA

Did Shawn Michaels retire?

Yes, Shawn Michaels retired from wrestling on March 29th, 2010. He does however make part time appearances in WWE.

Why did shawn michaels retire from WWE?

To spend more time with family

Which WWE superstars are going to tna?

i think it may be Shawn michaels because he retire at wrestle mania 26 i think it will be like Jeff hardy when punk retire him

Did undertaker beat Shawn michaels?

Unfortunately The Undertaker beat Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXVI, forcing Shawn Michaels to retire. When i was watching the match and undertaker suddenly went for the pin, he succeeded. i cried when i saw undertaker win.

Did Shawn Michaels beat the undertaker wrestlemania26?

No, the Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26 in the Career vs. Streak match. He pinned him after a tombstone, thus forcing Michaels to retire from the WWE.

Will Shawn michaels retire?

Sadly yes he is it was reported in a couple months and its your falt

What happened to Shawn Michaels after WrestleMania 26?

Shawn Michaels has retired but is now going to Wwe Hall Of Fame in 2011

Is Ric Flair ever going to retire from wrestling?

ric flair was retired by Shawn michaels at wrestlemainia 25 so.... ric has already retired

Why did Triple H and Shawn Michaels break up?

Shawn Michaels had to retire because he lost a match to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26. The stipulation was that if Shawn Michaels won, the Undertaker's 17-0 streak was over. If he lost, which he did, he would have to retire. Some people are probably thinking Shawn will come back, but he is not, and even said as much. He was inducted into the 2011 class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Is Shawn Michaels in tna?

No, Shawn Michaels is not in TNA.

Why did ric flair retire?

because he lost to Shawn michaels a retirement match at wrestlemania 24

Why was Shawn Michaels taken out of the WWE?

He was taken out because he wanted to retire and spend time with his kids..

Where will Shawn Michaels go after losing at WrestleMania?

He will actually retire and never wrestle another match :(

Are Sean Michaels and Jillian Michaels related?

No if you are talking about SHAWN Michaels the wrestler his real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom not Shawn MIchaels

Is Shawn Michaels going to wrestle again?

Shawn michaels injuryno body really know yet if hes gonna wrestle or not but will hope the best

Is dx still going to be a team when Shawn Michaels returns?

yes if or when Shawn michaels return to the wwe i really do think that dx will be and always be together....

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