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yes he is because in won of the raw message the gm told chis Jericho i have to words and thous to words are suck it

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He has sated he is not

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Q: Is Shawn Michaels the GM on Monday Night Raw?
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When will Shawn Michaels comeback?

on monday monday night raw or summerslam

Where is WWE superstar hbk aka Shawn Michaels?

Wrestling on Monday Night RAW.

Did Shawn Michaels start to cry in monday night raw after his retirement?

yes he cried during his good bye speach.

When will Shawn Michaels be coming back to Monday Night Raw?

Shawn Micheal is coming back somewhere in early august or maybe at summerslam. Oh! and undertaker is coming back at unforgiven/breaking point

Is undertaker friends with Shawn Michael?

i think he did at Shawn Michael's farewell on monday night raw

Was Shawn michaels was on raw or smackdown?


Will Shawn michaels be back soon to monday night raw?

yes in 2010. at wrestle mania 25 against undertaker was hurtful undertaker had a neck injury and Michael's (something is broken)

Who was the hooded man who attacked Evan bourne on Monday night raw?

It was Shawn Michael's.

Shawn Michaelwrestler died or alive?

alive he still wrestled on wwe Monday night raw

Why Shawn Michaels retired?

no he did not but he will retie at wrestlemania 26 Don't know where you get he will retire at WrestleMaina 26 but it is not true, he is not retiring for another three or four years!

Will Shawn michaels ever return to raw?

Not as a wrestler

Will there be any shock returns to WWE in 2011?

the returns of 2011 will be triple h- royal rumble brock lesnar- monday night raw chris Jericho-elimination chamber Shawn michaels-one night appearance on raw the undertaker- Friday night smackdown may young-nxt sheamus- summerslam 2011 (triple h breaks his left arm) Eric bishoff- bragging rights Mr. Kennedy- night of champions Jeff hardy- Monday night raw ric flair- one night appearance on raw skip shefield- raw