Is Sony entertainment going to get rid of the ps3?

Sony has actually addressed the concern on whether or not they will be gettnig rid of the Playstation 3 and if so when that will actually happen. The good news is owners of Playstation 3 units won't have to worry about support stopping for the console anytime soon. In fact they plan to support the Playstation 3 till at the very least 2015.

There are still numerous games coming out for this console as well as plenty of others planned for release in the future. When the time comes for owners to get rid of their Playstation 3, Sony already has a plan to help anyone bring their games over to their next-gen console by offering discounts on Playstation 4 games that you happen to own the Playstation 3 version of.

Another feature Sony has said possible is the ability to play multiplayer games across both consoles. Essentially this is up to the developers to include in thier games and this is more geared towards MMO types of titles.

While Sony has stated that the Playstation 3 will be supported till at least 2015, it will probably be around a lot longer than that with Sony keeping it alive.