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No, Sony is not the owner Vizio. Vizio is an independent company. All manufacturers who make the Vizio make things for Amtran Corporation. These include LG or Samsung OEM suppliers, depending on the manufactures the screen. Links can be found below for more information.

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Who makes vizio?

who makes vizio samsung

Which is beter Sony or vizio?

Sony by far.

Who is the parent company of vizio?


Who Makes Vizio HDTV?


Is vizio made by Sony?

absolutely not, SONY is among the very best. VIZIOs are not.

Does Sony own or manufacture vizio?

NO, Sony makes the best TVs you can buy.

Des the Vizio VMT 40-55M Motorized TV Mount compare in reliability with the Sony Plasma TV Mount Units?

The Vizio is equal in quality and reliabilty to the Sony unit.

How does vizio compare to other tv brands?

Vizio is a popular electronics company. The Vizio televisions are Samung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Philips,ÊToshiba, as well as Mitsubishi.

Are Vizio LG Viewsonic HDTV as good as Sony Samsung TV's?

i personally believe that they are about the same but i have a vizio and it has a very clear picture

What is the best brand LCD TV Sony or Sam sung?


What TV brands are there?

LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Pannasonic,Vizio,westinghouse

Does Sony make Vizio?

Not necessarily. Vizio's are made by various TV manufacturers which may include Sony, LG, Samsung, and others, or none of the above. Vizio keeps prices low via manufacturing contracts and wide distribution (Remember Dell?) -- nearly all stores carry Vizio. Tranam makes the flat panels for Vizio, not the other brand names.

Who is the owner of PlayStation?


How high of quality are Vizio TVs?

Vizio TV's are good TV's at a reasonable price, but are generally regarded as lower in quality relative to Sony Bravias, Panasonics, or Samsung LED televisions.

Are the Vizio LCD TVs good TVs?

Vizio is listed as the #1 LCD TV company. You can find a Vizio LCD TV at most of your basic retail stores which makes them more accessible. The quality of picture is that of Sony or Samsung, but the price is significantly lower.

Is Vizio a good brand for a television ?

Vizio make good tvs in the cheaper price range.However if you want a really good quality tv i suggest you buy a Sony,Samsung,Philips etc.If you are not too bothered about the picture quality then a Vizio will suit your needs.

Who is the owner of Sony entertainment television?

Sony Entertainment Television (SET) is a series of general entertainment television channels, owned by Sony Pictures Television.Therefore there is no real owner.

Define the Vizio electronics brand?

Vizio electronics brand is a great brand, it keeps up with its competitors like Sony, and Sanyo. They their products prices affordable for everyone, and they make good quality items.

Is vizio lcd teevision a good choice when compared to sony lcd television?

It is difficult to advise you as to whether the Visio lcd television or the Sony lcd television are better. From what I have read, the Visio has beat Sony as well as other models in sales. I have found a few sites that provide comparisons and this should assist you in making a decision as to which is better for you.,news-3906.html

Who is the owner of the PlayStation company?

Sony Entertainment .and the owner of that company is Lorenzo Duberry

Are Vizio LCD TVs a good choice?

However, are the TVs any good? Obviously, Picture Quality. When you compare a Vizio TV, side by side, with other name brands like Sony and Samsung, you can tell the difference. Buying Guide to Vizio LCD TV Ad Choices en-US

Who is the current owner of the Sony Corp.?

Sony Corporation does not have an owner. The current CEO and Chairman is Sir Howard Stringer, and the current President is Dr. Ryoji Chubachi.

Who is the maker of TV?

Lot's of companies make TV's. Some include: Panasonic Sony TCL Vizio Samsung Toshiba RCA

Who is the owner of Sony?

Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka.

Who is the owner of sony Ericsson?

As of September 2014, Sony Ericsson's new name is Sony Mobile Communications AB. The company is a subsidiary of the Sony Corporation which is a publicly traded company.