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Is South Korea a Rich country?

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Yes, South Korea is a rich country and surpassed Japan as the most technologically developed country.

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Is Korea a rich country?

South Korea is very rich. North Korea is very poor.

Is life in Korea poor or rich?

South Korea is Rich. The country is a developed country. (North Korea is very, very poor because of its style and history of government).

Why is South Korea rich?

South Korea is more wealthy than say, North Korea, because South Korea is a capitalist country, whereas North Korea is a communist one.

Is South Korea good?

i think south Korea is much better than north Korea i think the good country and so so rich people is south Korea Bangladesh India usa(rich and good) Canada

Is south Korea a poor country or a rich country?

South Korea is a developed country and is classified as an emerging marke. Between the 1960s and 1990s, it had one of the world's fastest growing economies. In 2009, South Korea was the world's ninth largest exporter.

What country is south Korea in?

South Korea is a country...

Are the people rich or poor in south Korea?

There are both poor and wealthy people in South Korea. However, if the question is asking whether South Korea is a developed or developing economy, South Korea is a developed country with modern amenities and lifestyles.

Why is south Korea rich and north Korea is not?

South Korea is capitalist, north is communist.

Is South Korea rich?

South Korea's GDP is 14th and PPP is 15th.It's also in G20.Yes. Although South Korea is not as rich as US, or JApan, South Korea is fairly rich country. Most of the places in Korea is very fancy, and very developed. Korea is very developed in techonology. Go aroud the house, and count how many Samsung, LG products there are. Your cell phone is probably made in Korea.

Is South Korea a country or a state?

South Korea is a country.

Is North Korea Korea a rich country?

North Korea is not a rich country at all, many citizens of north Korea are suffering from malnutrition or are starving. Only those related to Kim Jong il or the government are rich.

Is South Korea a developing country?

No. South Korea is More like developed country.

Is south Korea a tropical country?

NO. South Korea is a temperate country, not a tropical one.

Seoul is the capital of which country?

Seoul is the capital of South Korea.Korea ... South Korea to be exact.South Korea.

Which country is better South Korea or nigereia?

south Korea

What is the country directly to the south of north Korea?

South Korea.

Which of the Korea among north Korea and south Korea is more developed country?

South Korea

Differences between north Korea and south Korea?

North Korea is not a free country but South Korea is.

Is South Korea a good country to live in?

Yes, of course South Korea is a good country to live. South Koreans are helpful and friendly to their allies that treated them good and there is no communism in South Korea so South Korea is a very safe country to be in!

When did South Korea become a country?

south Korea became a country on august,15, 1948

What country borders South Korea to the south?

South Korea is a peninsula, so only the sea borders Korea to the south.

Is South Korea a command economy?

No. South Korea is a capitalist country.

Is Korea a communist country?

North Korea is, South Korea is not.

What country is south of south Korea?

No country dear. korea (including North korea at north and south korea at south) is a peninsula, form above it is attached to China and the other sides are just sea.

Is South Korea a communist country?

North Korea is communist, South Korea is democratic. Which means South Korea is not a communist.^0^