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yes she is still alive and living in Kingston,Pennsylvania

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Who is Stephanie Kwolek and who did she work for?

Stephanie Kwolek is an inventer who invented Kevlar and she worked for DuPont

How did Stephanie Kwolek discover Kevlar?

Yes. Stephanie Kwolek did create kevlar she was at a play and she discovered it.

What city was Stephanie kwolek born in?

Stephanie Kwolek was born in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States.

How old is Stephanie Kwolek?

Stephanie Kwolek was 90 years old when she died on June 18, 2014 (born July 31, 1923).

What field of science was Stephanie kwolek in?

its chemistry

What did Stephanie Kwolek invent?

she invented kevlar

Who and when invented kevlar?

Stephanie Kwolek and in 1965

Did Stephanie Kwolek invent the police?


How come the Kevlar vest is not renamed the Kwolek vest in honor of its founder Stephanie Kwolek?

Stephanie Kwolek developed Kevlar in 1965 while working for DuPont. DuPont owned the rights to his invention and named it after the material.

Stephanie kwolek discovered what substance?

New Fibers

How many siblings dose Stephanie Kwolek have?


When did Stephanie kwolek die?

She died Jun 18, 2014

When did Stephanie kwolek create kevlar?

She created kevlar in 1965

Who did Stephanie Kwolek get married to?

Naah, she is a horrible old woman Muahahahah!

What does Stephanie kwolek feel about her invention?

to help people who were in the army be protected.

When was kevlar first discovered?

It Was First Disvovered In 1964 By Stephanie Kwolek

Who invented a polymer fiber called Kevlar?

Stephanie L. Kwolek

Did Stephanie Kwolek have siblings?

She had two brothers although I do not know what there names were.

Where is Stephanie Kwolek now?

Stephanie Kwolek, best known for inventing Kevlar, passed away in Wilmington, Delaware on June 18, 2014, at the age of 90. She worked for DuPont for over 40 years.

What Were Stephanie Kwolek's Parents Names?

Her father: John Kwolek, Her mother: Nellie Zajdel Kwolek She has a brother too but I can't find his name.

Is Stephanie S Tolan still alive?

yes i am Stephanie S Tolan

Does kevlar have a patent?

Yes it does Stephanie Kwolek the creater of Kevlar invented the fiber.

When and Where did Stephanie Kwolek invent the Kevlar Vest?

Because someone was tired of getting shot

Stephanie louise kwolek how are breakthrough discoveries different from incremental steps on invention?

you have a stupid name

Is Stephanie mills still alive?

Yes she is. Stephanie was recently on the Monique show discussing her future career plans.