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Is Sully the pilot a real hero?

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February 06, 2011 2:54AM

Sully saved more than 150 people onboard the airplane so yes he is the real hero.

(No offense to the original person who answered, but I am going to expand upon what they said. Heroism is subjective really, in that everyone has a different idea as to what makes someone a hero. One of the engines stopped working on Sully's plane due to being hit by birds and the possibility of the plane crashing into land and everyone in the plane {and of course people on the ground when/where the crash happened} would have ended up dying. His quick thinking, and the fact that he kept calm, and the actions to guide the plane to land on the Hudson River saved over 100 people. Many people would call that a hero, but Captain Sully's modesty and humbleness caused him to tell the media in interviews that he was no hero - he was only doing his job and that he would do it again if the situation arose.)