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No. TNA is a second-class promotion that has no gimmicks or storylines and doesn't even know what fighting is.

AnswerIt's similar to what ECW was, and poses no threat. AnswerYeah it definitely will do in the future.When Vince was threatining Shawn Michaels on RAW, he said that he could do Shawn and he would have nowhere to go. He said there was no WCW but you could hear some fans chanting for TNA. Answertna is no competition with wwe. The wwe is more popular and i think is 100 times better and i hate it when wrestlers from wwe go to tna. AnswerWhoever typed the first and last answers are entitled to their opinion without a doubt. And I agree with you for the most part. TNA has no gimmicks or storylines I couldn't agree with you more. TNA for the most part don't need storylines they just get right into it. And yes as of right now TNA poses no threat to WWE. But in terms of "fighting" and "being better" Let's put it this way, The WWE is about as exciting as Todd Grishim doing comedy. And I don't know what you call fighting but the wwe does more talking and stupid storylines then fighting. There matches are a joke compared to TNA. And TNA has actual cruiserweight action not the stuff the wwe produces. And it's funny when it comes to pay per view even without a storyline TNA delivers what you'd expect to see in a certain match. I can think of a wwe match recently at the royal rumble 2006 it was boogeyman vs JBL. I must admit the hype for that match was fairly good. And all of a sudden it was time to get it on and what happened? ALL JBL DID WAS HIT HIM A COUPLE TIMES!, BOOGEYMAN PRANCED AROUND LIKE A FOOL!, AND BOOGEYMAN DEFEATED HIM WITH A PUMP HANDLE SLAM! THE MATCH IN TOTAL WAS ABOUT 5-6 MINS! Boy those 5 min matches are really spellbinding "fighting" my ass. And I also hate it when wwe wrestlers go TNA. I just hate hearing about it! cause it seems like it's once a week their releasing superstars. The reason superstars are released is because the wwe has no idea how to use them. In fact there are still superstars who are employed who don't wrestle barely at all like Rene dupree and Tyson tomko to name a few. TNA doesn't need a reason or a storyline to get someone into a match they just do it, they wrestle, they have a good match and It's over. TNA doesn't insult are intelligence like WWE. To sum up TNA " To The Point". And mainly what i mean by insulting are intelligence is the matches, storylines and that stupid series with Tim White called "LunchTime suicide" give me a break! that is the stupidest thing i have ever seen and Josh Matthews always gets help rather then helping Tim whose sufficating in a sandwich bag (yawn) That word is what sums up wwe. Now this just my opinion. But whether there's competition or not i guess we'll just wait and see. I write this long answer because I'm angry cause I was a die hard wwe fan myself even during the monday night war. The WWE Is In NO WAY better then TNA Period! If you want good quality Wrestling from wwe then watch wwe 24/7 cause that's the only place you'll get it! Answer

On some point TNA is a threat to WWE, but not a major one. TNA is not as big as WWE, but they set up "better" matches and is more fixated on wrestling.

I've always been a fan of WWE. But week after week, It seems that WWE is getting more worse. It's like they are running out of creative ideas, you know? They need to improve, or even better, go old-school!

I'm just sick and tired of the same stories and rivalies.

I agree to both of you. Retired WWE-stars shouldn't go to TNA, it just feels wrong? Like, "Hey, you don't belong there! Come back!". Get my point?

I couldn't agree more about the "JBL vs Boogeyman"-thing... It's simply fail!

If WWE(F) should make a goal and totally outrun TNA, then they should try to make storylines as they did in the 90's and start 2000. Not that I want TNA to go bankrupt, 'cause it's a excellent show.

- Peace out...

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Q: Is TNA tough competition for WWE?
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