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No! Too light a bullet, too slow. If you must use a pistol go with nothing less than a .44 Mag, .454 Cassul or .460 Ruger is better. A rifle is much better. 357 can be adequate if used properly - first dont use expanding, hollow nosed bullets as they often break apart on or just under the surface of the tough hide of a bear next keep in mind that to stop a bear quickly, or any animal, requires extreme trauma from rapid blood loss (as its not often likely you will be lucky enough to hit a fatal spot like a spinal cord under "combat" conditions) - the 357 bullet when not expanding will penetrate very well but doesnt cause enough blood loss and trauma to drop a bear quickly so you need to fire as many rounds as possible as quickly as possible to create as much blood loss as possible a larger caliber like the 44 magnum is better because not only is it larger for casing more blood loss but its fast enough to cause a shock wave in side the body that causes severe injury and trauma - problem with high power handgun rounds is that unless you are very skilled its hard to get off a second or third round quickly so your first round has to be successful also dont shoot the head straight on as the 357 will just glance off the skull - if the bear has his head down aim for the spine behind the head - if the head is up shoot for the neck and chest area i use a ruger redhawk 44 magnum revolver for bear but i also train a lot with it - if you go with a powerful caliber you must train with it a lot more than with a lower power gun

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A 357 Magnum revolver can also shoot one other kind of round besides 357 Mag What is it?

That would be 38cal. ammo

How take a 357 mag apart?

Best left to a good gunsmith

Can you shoot 357 max ammo in a 357 mag?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you shoot 357 Mag in a 357 Maximum?

Yes, but, not recommended.

What is the value of a good condition western derringer 357 mag?

50-75 USD

What is the value of a slightly used lawman mk III colt 357 mag?

The Lawman mk III Colt 357 mag is valued at $1,000 in excellent condition. Good condition value is $800.

What ammo can be shot from 357 mag revolver?

38 Special and .357 Magnum.

What is the value of an Intercontinental arms Maverick 357 mag in good shape?

Yes, stock has a few dings in it.

Best 357 rifle?

Winchester, Marlin, Rossi (and maybe a few others) make lever action rifles in .357 Mag... I personally wouldn't pick that cartridge for anything other than a pistol, or if I were shooting in a cowboy match (where the .357 isn't allowed for the most part, anyway...) But if you need a long gun in .357 Mag, there are plenty out there. Good luck.

What is more powerfull 44 mag or 357?


What is the best rated 357 mag pistol?


Is 357 sig the same as 357 mag except auto?

No. They both use a different diameter bullet and the case is different. The .357 Sig case is a bottle-necked version of the .40 S&W case. The .357 mag is a longer version of the .38 Special.

What is the value of western derringer 357?

Derringer 2 Shot, 357 Mag, SN 929, what is the value

What is the difference between a 357 mag and a 38 special?

357 case is @ 1/10 of an inch longer.

What frame size is a model 686 357 mag?


What is a astra 357 mag worth?

50-300 usd

Where do you find the model no on a 357 rossi mag?

Not marked AFAIK

Is an h schmidt ostheim rhoen single action revolver in 357 mag safe to shoot mag loads in if gun is in good condition?

It CAN be, but would have it checked by a competent pistol smith first.

Can you use 355 bullets to load into a 357 mag case?

Depending on the weight, possibly, but in most cases, accuracy may not be good.

What is the diamater of a 44 mag?

.429 INCHES A 38 SPECIAL IS .357....

What is the value of a Ruger 357 Mag pistol?

100-1000 USD

What is the value of a Hawes 357 mag cal never fired?


What is the value of a ruger 357 mag sp101?

50- 400 usd

How much is a herters 357 mag worth?

50-300 usd

Does anyone make a 357 Sig Barrel for a Smith and Wesson Model 4006?

I am trying to make a deal with a coworker who says his 4006 came as a dual caliber gun .40 cal and .357 mag. I know the gun cannot be .357 mag so it must be a .357 sig. I have not yet seen the .357 barrel. I do know that Bar-Sto makes a .357 sig barrel as I just read the article on reloading .357 sig. Search google for 4006*.357 sig.