Is The Miz single?

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by frankly the miz so called "awesome" is not in a serious relationship and then he says hes awesome but he doesn't have a lady around his arm . but i am sorry for what happened to John Cena the other night. <3 :{ ebbs + john 4 Eva <3

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Is Maryse single?

no,she's married to The Miz

Which WWE male wrestlers are single?

A lot of wwe wrestlers are single but the only one i can think of is The Miz. Most of the WWE wrestlers are either married or dating including the Miz he is married to Maryse.

Which WWE wrestlers are single?

I think that The Miz is currently single. I know that WWE diva Kelly Kelly is single and maybe Maryse?

Does the miz have a wife?

Miss. or Ms. is when a lady is single Mrs. is when the lady is married

Who is sexier The Miz or Eminem?

The Miz

What wrestlers are single?

Ted DibiaseCody RhodesRandy OrtonThe MizSamus

Did the miz and maryse break up?

She updated on her myspace that she is now 'Single'

Is the Miz single from ECW?

# NO! because his partner JOHN MORRISON are the world tag team chapionios

Is the miz cool?

Yes Miz Is The Coolist~Coldz AKA Miz

Who is going to win at over the limit john cena or miz?

the miz fu BE MIZ

Who is dating the miz?

The Miz is dating maryce

When did the miz die?

The Miz is still alive

Who is the miz girl?

The miz girl is Allison

Who is married to The Miz?

The Miz is not married yet..

How strong is the miz?

The Miz was a WWE champion does that answer it .

Who is The Miz dating?

the miz is dating eve torres

Does Miz have a girl friend?

no miz does not have a girlfriend sweety

Who won in a match john cena or the miz?


Who win the johncena or the miz at WrestleMania 27?

The miz

Who won out of john cena and the miz at wresailmaina?


The number of telephone of the miz?

the number of telephone of the miz

Does John Cena like the miz?

no as miz is bhikari

Who is miz mentoring on nxt?

in season 1 the miz mentored danial bryan but in season 2 the miz mentored alex riley both people have turned on the miz

Has the miz ever beaten john cena?

NO the miz always cheats when he has a macth with john cena. the miz SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the miz birth name?

The Miz name is Michael Gregory Mizanin

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