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no but as I see it treatment of genetic disease is treating a genetic problem as a genetic treatment of a disease is using genetics to stop a certain disease that can be treated with genetics

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Q: Is Treatment of genetic disease the same as genetic treatment of disease?
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Do all patients with a disease responds to the same treatment?

No everybody is different.Ask any doctor or specialist they will tell you the same thing.

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They Were Guaranteed the same Treatment as the British Civilians.

What makes one louse able to survive treatment with permethrin and another louse unable to survive?

There are genetic variations in lice. Not all lice are the same. So sometimes one with a particular gene can survive treatment with permethrin and another cannot.

What type of burns require specialized treatment?

Treatment of chemical or electrical burns is slightly different from the treatment of thermal burns but the objectives are the same.

Is treatment the same thing as prevention?

No. Treatment is curing you once you are sick. Prevention is to keep you from getting sick.

Is crystal hair treatment same as keratin?


Is the treatment for trichomoniasis the same for both men and women?

Both males and females can get trichomoniasis. Men typically do not have symptoms, but can spread the infection.

Why is it important to individualize an integrative treatment plan?

Individualization is important ecause no two people respond to treatment the same.

What are the side effect of a yeast infecting on a male?

Same as a female, and the treatment is the same as well. On a side note the same treatment is also used to treat some forms of acne.

When solid waste produced by a sewage-treatment plant is called .?

The solid wastes from a sewage treatment system are determined by the degree of treatment provided:Septic tanks: Organ sludge composed of fecal matterPrimary treatment systems: Mainly settled fecal matterSecondary treatment: Solid materials collected at the intake, aerobic sludges from aeration ponds, anaerobic sludges from digestersTertiary treatment: same as secondary treatment.

Does a control group receive experimental treatment?

the control group does not receive receive an experimental treatment but stay in the same environment.

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Absolutely NOT!