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Yes. It is the wealthiest, toniest neighborhood in the entire city. In the last 20 to 25 years, the Upper West Side has become almost as ritzy. Often, rent and condo prices on the Upper West Side are even more expensive than on the Upper East Side!

However, the Upper East Side is still the place where "old money" lives. Extremely wealthy and powerful New Yorkers still tend to believe that the Upper East Side is the only neighborhood that is appropriate for people of their status to live.

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2010-05-18 05:27:29
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Q: Is Upper East Side of Manhattan where rich people live?
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Where do they film Gossip Girl?

manhattan,mostly manhattan's upper east side.

Where section of Manhattan has the most old money?

Upper East side

What is the specialty of Paola's Restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side?

Paola's Restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side specialises in Italian cuisine. This authentic European restaurant can be found near the Wales Hotel.

Is Columbia University on the East or West Side of Manhattan?

Columbia University is on the West Side of Upper Manhattan, in the Morningside Heights neighborhood.

Where is Justin Biebers concert on the 17th January?

Upper East Side, Manhattan

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in manhattan new york the upper east side

Where is Gossip Girl set?

New York City's Upper East Side, which is a Manhattan neighborhood between Central Park and the East River.

Where was the author Cornelia Read born?

Doctor's Hospital, on the upper east side of Manhattan.

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Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York City

How can you use the word tonier in a sentence?

The Jeffersons moved to a tonier neighborhood in the city, on the east side.The Upper East Side of Manhattan has traditionally been tonier than the Upper West Side.

Is 1040 Fifth Avenue upper Manhattan?

Yes. According to Google Maps, it is on the corner of East 86th Street and Fifth Avenue, which is the heart of the Upper East Side.

Why was the Upper East Side of Manhattan called the Silk Stocking District?

It was called the Silk Stocking District because all of the city's wealthiest and most powerful people lived (and STILL live) on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, specifically Fifth, Madison and Park Avenues, from East 59th to East 96th Street. Only rich people could afford to wear silk stockings, so they were a symbol of opulence and class.

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