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Yes it is. It means "king" or "royal."

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Q: Is Vasilias a Greek name and What is mean Vasilias in English?
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What does Hayley mean in greek?

The name Hayley is of English origin and there is not a listed meaning for this name in Greek. The English meaning of this name is hay meadow.

What does the Greek name Fani mean in English?

Its English equivalent is Lucy

What is the greek name yanni mean in English?


What does the name Parks mean in Greek?

Nothing. Parks is an English name.

What does lacey mean in greek?

Nothing. Lacey is an English name.

What does the name tatum mean?

the name means cheerful and its a English name and also on another website it said that tatum is greek so it might be greek or English

What does melanie mean in English?

Melanie is a Greek name that means "dark"

What does the name Chris mean in Greek?

The name Chris or Christopher is the English rendition of the Greek word Χρίστος (Christos), which means Messiah.

What does vasilka mean?

Vasilka is one of the similar woman names like Vasilissa and Vasiliki. I think that Vasilka is mostly used in Bulgaria but also in other Balkan countries, and Vasilissa mostly in Russia. Vasiliki is the Greek name. All of them mean ''the royal one'' or ''the Queen'' and the name comes from the Greek word ''Βασιλεύς'' (pronounced Vasilefs) or ''Βασιλιάς'' (pronounced Vasilias). The same name for the men is ''Vasilis''.

What does the name Katherine mean in English?

It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Katherine is "pure".

What does the English name Jason mean?

"Jason" comes from the Greek word for "healer".

What does the name mean Aryll mean?

Aryll is another spelling for Ariel. It is Biblical, Hebrew, English, and Biblical Greek name.