Is Ventus a Nobody

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: Is Ventus a Nobody
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Who is ventus nobody?

Ventus, Terra and Aqua never had their hearts stolen, so they do not have Nobodies. However, Ventus' spirit was passed on to Sora, which is why his Nobody, Roxas, looks like Ventus.

When does aqua save ventus from freezing?

Aqua actually doesn't save Ventus from freezing. Instead, during her fight with Xigbar's nobody Braig (in Aqua's story), Ventus manages to thaw himself out.

How is roxas a part of Kingdom Hearts?

He is Sora's Nobody, and also Ventus' nobody... it's quite a mess, really, he (Roxas) is borrowing power from Sora, and Ventus, who is Sora 10 years before KH 1.

Is roxas ven's or Sora's nobody?

Roxas is Sora's nobody. If you take out the x in Roxas and unscramble it, you will get Sora. Ventus' heart was absorbed by Sora soon after his battle with Vanitas inside their fused heart. It is because of this that Roxas looks like Ventus.

Does anyone die in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ventus dies killing Vanitus. You see, Vanitus is the evil that resided in Ventus heart. When they fight at the end of the game, Ventus gives his life to slay Vanitus permenantly. Once this happens the, remnants of Ventus heart go into Soras heart, and this is what allows our young friend to wield the keyblade. Not to mention the fact that the remains of Ventus, make Roxas. A nobody that seemingly has a heart

Is Roxas the same as Ventus?

Yes.In KHBBS (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep) Ventus, at the end, goes into a deep sleep. I think that Ventus's roaming heart went and Roxas's heart came and kinda replaced his heart and went into the body. There are minor differences like the way they hold keyblades but his clothing is a different issue. The was Roxas's clothing is completely white and Ventus's is half white, half black. Maybe Roxas's clothing represents that Vanitus was gone (A.K.A- The Black represents the Darkness) forever. Finally, Roxas's 2 key blades, one of them he occasionally holds back hand (like Ventus) and the other one sword style. This part, written by ________ wrote as a spoiler, The reason that Roxas looks so much like Ventus is because when Ventus destroyed Vanitas, his heart was no longer complete. Ventus was put inside of Sora's heart in the meantime. When Sora vanquished his heart, many years later, Roxas was created as a Nobody, but as an exact replica of Ventus. This much is true.

Is Venxan actually Roxas?

i think u mean ventus. and his heart was fractured and nearly gone so he had 2 join his heart to sora's to make it whole and because he looks like sora... sora's nobody looks like ventus and has the personality of sora

How many pages does Ventus have?

Ventus has 672 pages.

When was EPLDT Ventus created?

EPLDT Ventus was created in 2001.

When was Ventus Gaming created?

Ventus Gaming was created in 2009.

What is ventus carlsnouts g power it only has the ventus and the subterra symbol?

ventus carlsnout is a bakugan trap so it doesn't have a g- power.

Why does ventus not look like an adult from kingdom hearts?

Ventus is a teenage boy.