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Yes.In KHBBS (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep) Ventus, at the end, goes into a deep sleep. I think that Ventus's roaming heart went and Roxas's heart came and kinda replaced his heart and went into the body. There are minor differences like the way they hold keyblades but his clothing is a different issue. The was Roxas's clothing is completely white and Ventus's is half white, half black. Maybe Roxas's clothing represents that Vanitus was gone (A.K.A- The Black represents the Darkness) forever. Finally, Roxas's 2 key blades, one of them he occasionally holds back hand (like Ventus) and the other one sword style.

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The reason that Roxas looks so much like Ventus is because when Ventus destroyed Vanitas, his heart was no longer complete. Ventus was put inside of Sora's heart in the meantime. When Sora vanquished his heart, many years later, Roxas was created as a Nobody, but as an exact replica of Ventus.

This much is true.

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Ventus came before Roxas and Sora. Ventus is like Sora's and Roxas' power source; Roxas, being Sora's Nobody, gets his power from Sora, who gets his power from Ventus. Ventus' outfit is black and white, but Roxas' is just white.

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No. Roxas and Ventus are two completely different people.

Ventus gave his heart to Sora, and when Sora became a heartless, that's why Roxas looks like Ventus.

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Q: Is Roxas the same as Ventus?
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Do you play as Roxas in Birth by Sleep?

You get to play as Terra, Ventus{Roxas}, and Aqua.

Is roxas ven's or Sora's nobody?

Roxas is Sora's nobody. If you take out the x in Roxas and unscramble it, you will get Sora. Ventus' heart was absorbed by Sora soon after his battle with Vanitas inside their fused heart. It is because of this that Roxas looks like Ventus.

Why is Roxas called ven in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

Roxas and Ven are the same people, at the end of birth by sleep Ven asked Sora if he could keep his heart in Sora. So throughout all the other kingdom hearts games that Sora was in Ven was inside of him (just like Kairi in the first game). when he became a heartless, and a nobody ven's heart became Roxas.

Does roxas and ventus ever meat in kingdom hearts?

No they do not.

Who is roxas in kingdom hearts brith by sleep?

Roxas does not appear in Birth By Sleep. There is Ventus, who looks like Roxas, but is very different than Roxas.

Who is ventus nobody?

Ventus, Terra and Aqua never had their hearts stolen, so they do not have Nobodies. However, Ventus' spirit was passed on to Sora, which is why his Nobody, Roxas, looks like Ventus.

What is roxas's true name in Kingdom Hearts?

sora: his somebody and Ventus: when he realizes that his name is not roxas in KH III

Do you play Sora's father in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

NO! you actually play 3 different characters. im guessing you think Ventus the guy who looks like roxas is his father. (spoiler im warning you because i didnt get this warning and it ruined part of the game, which i havent played. Roxas looks like ventus because sora let ventus into his heart twice to save him, also at the end of kh 358/2 days roxas cries which suggests that roxas actually had ventus's heart if it were not for ventus roxas would look just like sora just as the other nobodies look exactly like their original selves

How is roxas a part of Kingdom Hearts?

He is Sora's Nobody, and also Ventus' nobody... it's quite a mess, really, he (Roxas) is borrowing power from Sora, and Ventus, who is Sora 10 years before KH 1.

What are the Kingdom Hearts that ventus has been in?

ventus is in birth by sleep and that's all because in the others there's roxas and sora and all the other people

How can you tell Roxas and Ventus apart?

Although Roxas and Ventus share striking resemblances toward each other, there are a couple ways to tell the two apart. The first and most obvious way to differentiate the two is to look at the clothes. At first they seem to be the same, but as you can tell, the colors are inverted in some spots and contain minor differences (such as the checkerboarded bracelet). Another way to tell the difference between Roxas and Ventus is the small articles of armor that is located on Ven, but NOT Roxas. You can also tell the difference by looking real closely. Roxas is usually in a somewhat gloomy disposition, while Ventus appears to be in a more cheerful mood. Also, Roxas and Ven both wield the keyblade differently, with Roxas using his right hand and Ventus reverse-wielding the keyblade with his left. --RoxasDive Ah, slight discrepancy. As for the small costume changes, I think it's just because Square Enix updated his appearance slightly in BbS. As for the moods, I think they're very similar, actually. The behavioral patterns of Ventus and Roxas are exactly the same during the short period after his memory was lost. They do deviate as the story progresses but I believe that's a product of his environment, not his personality. The organization was very corporate and impersonal whereas the land of departure was very warm and nurturing. If you look, the way he acted with Axel and Xion is the same way he was with Terra and Aqua. Also something that bothered me, I don't think that Ventus is Vanita's Nobody at all. Ventus' heart was split into light and dark. The dark became Vanitas leaving Ven with pure light. That's not the process of becoming a Nobody. Also, as to the creation of Roxas, there is another point. KH:BbS clearly shows Ventus' heart merging with Sora's after his fight with Vanitas. When Sora released his heart out popped a boy who looks identical to Ventus. How could you logically say it isn't Ventus? Ventus goes in, but somehow an identical copy of Ventus comes out, but it's not Ventus? It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. It is possible that Sora's Nobody used the framework of Ventus' heart to duplicate his image while still not being Ventus, but this seems like the less likely situation. I think there's just way too many similarities between Ven and Roxas for them to be considered two different people. The timeline of events matches up, the images match up, and the personalities match up, at least for the most part.-LanceA

In khbbs why does ventus look like roxas?

rumors say it is because Ventus is sora's father that's why Roxas looks like Ven Well, the timelines don't exactly fit for that theory. Ventus' heart merged with Sora's when Ven was about 10-12 years old. I doubt Ven could've fathered Sora.