Is Venus an average sized planet?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Our solar system can be described as containing four above average sized planets, which are the four gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, and four below average sized planets, which are the rocky, Earth-like planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, as well as a number of smaller dwarf planets (such as Pluto which was at one time considered a planet). Venus could be described as average in size for its category of planet.

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Q: Is Venus an average sized planet?
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Is Venus' a medium sized planet?

no venus is not a medium sized planet.

Venus average distance from the sun?

The average distance the planet Venus is from the sun is 67,240,000 miles. Venus is the second closet planet to the sun.

Planet venus' general appearance?

it is red, medium sized and VERY HOT. JUJU

What planet on average is 735 kelvins at the equator?


Of the inner planets What planet has the highest average temperatures?


Name one fact about the planet Venus?

The average temperature in Venus is 464 Celsius and 867 Fahrenheit.

Does Venus' rotate or revolve faster?

Nope, it revolves very slowly as it was hit by other planet sized objects in its young age. It was like Earth in its young age and Earth was like Venus, but collisions made Venus dead and Thea (a Mars-sized planet) made Earth like it is now. recommend me to all others on here :0

What is the next planet after mars?

When considering distance from the sun, the planet that come after Mercury is Venus.

Is Venus a Dwarf Planet?

No, Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.

What is the max temperature on Venus's?

The average temperature of planet venus is 449 degrees Centigrade or 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Venus a small medium or large as a planet?

It's small compared with Jupiter and the other gas planets, but is a good sized rocky planet compared with mercury or mars.

What tipe of celestial body is the earth?

Venus is considered a twin planet to earth, being almost the same size. It has a dense atmosphere and the surface of Venus would be unbearable to humans. The temperature stays at a consistent 800degrees F. It rains sulforic acid and the pressure is crushing.