Is Victoria Justice an icon

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Is Victoria Justice an icon
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Is Victoria justice Arabian?

yes Victoria justice is Arabia

What is toris real name from victorious?

victoria justice

What is the birth name of Victoria Justice?

Victoria Justice's birth name is Victoria Dawn Justice.

Who is Victoria Justice's father?

Zack Justice is the father of Victoria Justice.

Who is Victoria Justice sister?

Victoria Justice has a younger sister named Madison Justice.

Who is prettier Victoria Justice or Miley Cyrus?

Victoria Justice

What are Victoria Justice's religious views?

Victoria Justice is a Jew

What does Victoria Justice love to do?

Victoria Justice loves to swim

What is Victoria Justice's off screen nickname?

Victoria Justice

What is Victoria Justice afriad of?

Victoria justice is afraid of the dark.

What is Victoria Justice's occupation?

Victoria Justice is a/an Actress singer

Who is Victoria's father?

Zack Justice is the father of Victoria Justice.