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Victoria Justice has a younger sister named Madison Justice.

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Victoria Justice has a younger sister named Madison Justice.

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Madison Justice

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Q: Who is Victoria Justice sister?
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Is Victoria Justice sister name Madison?

Yes, Victoria Justice's sister is named Madison Justice.

Who is victorisa justice sister?

Victoria justice sister is Emily justice

Does Victoria Justice have a borther?

No. Victoria Justice does not have a brother. She does, however, have a half sister, Madison Justice.

What is Victoria Justice sister s name?

Victoria Justice doesn't have a brother. She does have a sister named Madison, though.

How old is Victoria Justice's sister Madison?

Victoria Justice's half-sister is Madison Grace Reed, born April 29, 1996.

What does Victoria Justice sister look like?

There is a picture of Victoria with her sister on Victoria's twitter. They are hugging a Christmas tree in the photo. Her sister is also on Victoria's keek.

Who are Victoria Justice's siblings?

Victoria Justice has only one younger sibling, which is her sister Madison Justice, who was born in 1995.

Does Victoria Justice have a stepbrother?

No. Just a sister.

What is Victoria Justice sibling name?

her sister's name is Madison Justice

Has Victoria Justice a sister?

yes she has she's called Madison justice:)

Does Victoria Justice have one sister?

Yes she has a little sister named Madison. Born in 1996 and is 15 years old. Madison has a lucky sister named Victoria Justice.

What is Victoria Justices sisters name?

Victoria Justice sister is Madison justice, just like in the movie called victorious, trina is her sister.