Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice is a young, talented actress and singer. The Puerto Rican, Irish, German and English actress is best known for her breakout role in Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Zoey 101. She debuted her singing career in her role as Tori in Nickelodeon's smash hit, Victorious.

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Victoria Justice

What are Victoria Justice's fashion icons?

Rachel Blison and Sienna Miller

Victoria Justice

Who does Victoria Justice look up to?

Oprah Winfrey

Victoria Justice
Victorious (TV Series)

What is Tori Vega's real name?

Tori Vega is played by Victoria Justice.

Victoria Justice

What is Victoria Justice's msn?

she dosnet have msn shes just have a twitter and facebook

Victoria Justice

What is Victoria Justice's favorite drink?

coke and diet sprite.

Miranda Cosgrove
Who Would Win
Victoria Justice

Who would win Miranda Cosgrove or Victoria Justice?

It would depend on what they're trying to win.

Victoria Justice

What football team does Victoria Justice support?

She doesn't support any football team yet.

Celebrity Relationships
Victoria Justice

Are Matthew Underwood and Victoria Justice still dating?

No now she is off zoey101 she is not going out with him

Taylor Swift
Taylor Lautner
Victoria Justice

Did Taylor Lautner cheat on Taylor Swift with Victoria Justice?

no. But Taylor Lautner Cheated on Taylor Swift While Taylor Swift Cheated on Him.

Victoria Justice

Is Victoria Justice Indian?

No. She is Puerto Rican on her mom's side and Irish on her dad's

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Demi Lovato
Victoria Justice

Why is Selena gomez not friends with Demi Lovato?

Hi guys.... so i guess demi lovato was signing autographs and one of her fans asked how Selena Gomez was doing and she said ask Taylor(swift). I think this is why.


Demi once said in an interview, that her and Selena had been in a fight, and weren't talking, because they had some things to work out. But Selena called, crying the day Demi went to rehab. Demi said that Selena stood by her, but that Demi kept pushing Selena away. Eventually, (i believe) Selena began to spend time with Taylor, which caused Selena and Demi to grow apart.

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Victoria Justice

What is Victoria Justice real cell phone?


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Victoria Justice

What cell phone does Victoria Justice have?

I saw her with an iPhone or was that an touch? I think it's an iPhone?

Victoria Justice

Who are all of Victoria Justice's cousins?


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Victoria Justice

Where is sid justice now?

He is wrestling part time in independent circuits

Victoria Justice

What is Victoria Justice's religion?


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Victoria Justice

What is Victoria Justice's official fan phone number?

There is currently no fan phone number for Victoria Justice. However, you can send her fan mail at her official fan mail address.

Fan Mail Address:

Victoria Justice

United Talent Agency

9336 Civic Center Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604


Selena Gomez
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Victoria Justice

Can you text Selena Gomez as A FAN?

Yes iwould love to,i have a secret crush on selena she's pretty, smart, and I would faint if she texted me:)

Victoria Justice

Has Victoria Justice been spanked?

Yes She has, many times with a belt. that is why she is well behaved and respectful.

Victoria Justice

What is Victoria Justice lucky number?


Victoria Justice

Does Victoria Justice have pretty clothes?

Yes, she has pretty clothes.

Victoria Justice

Can Victoria Justice speak spanish?

yea , but it is hard for her to said it

Victoria Justice

What color nail polish does Victoria Justice wear?

I think that she wears either black, dark red, or dark purple. I'm not really sure though. I'm pretty sure that it is something dark. Hope it helped you

Victoria Justice

Does Victoria Justice own the store justice?

No, She doesn't.

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Victoria Justice

Who is Victoria Justice's favorite singer?

Nicki minaj


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